The Streets of Portland – Finally

Marquam Bridge | Portland | 2017

Here it is, my first real photo of the Streets of Portland, literally. Last night after work I drove up the South Portland’s Marquam Hill (aka Pill Hill), where the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)  and the Portland VA Medical Center operate large hospitals, whose modern architecture is quite fascinating of its own. But my real target was the upper station of the Portland Aerial Tram, from which you have a stunning view across downtown, the Willamette River with its many bridges and on clear days onwards to Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. I found free parking behind the Doernbechers Children’s Hospital and walked over to the Tram Station.

I knew that from the station there is this great view of Interstates 405 and 5 merging and crossing the Willamette River on the Marquam Bridge. And this is the photo I really wanted to take. So I brought the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the mZuiko 40-150mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom and my Rollei travel tripod. Temperatures last night where just above freezing and there was a nasty rainfall. Camera and lens are waterproof, so that was more of a problem for me with my thin and not waterproof jacket. The good thing was that inside the Tram Station I was protected by the roof. I put the tripod on the railing at the far end that is open towards city and river, and snapped away. The photo came out just as I had hoped for. Image specs were 8 seconds (to capture the light trails of the traffic crossing the bridge), f/10 and ISO 200. Focal length was the far end of my zoom at 150mm (equals 300mm in full frame) and I used the 2sec self timer of the camera to avoid any shake after pressing the shutter.

This is a good example of a planned shot, where you have in mind what you want to do and then just execute.

I took a few more photos on Marquam Hill, but need time to process and edit, A post will follow. And then of course I need to really hit the Streets of Portland. But due to a full business agenda this might have to wait until my next trip.

Have a great day!


Update 3/15: Entering this shot in the WP Weekly Photo Challenge “Atop”

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  1. Love Watching your Photos. Excellent Work done. Appreciate your efforts and work again. So good to watch pictures like this

  2. Amazing as always and once again I have to smile as I share a similar shot with you. I may make a post of it sometime or show you some other way. And with that said, Reno has some cool places to photograph too 😉.
    Great work, I’m such a fan of your work and an even bigger fan of you as a person. Hugs

    1. Making me blush again 🙂 ! Love to see your shot! I’ve been to Reno in my late teens and early twens, back then still shooting analogue. But I guess the city has changed a lot in the last 30 years ;-)! Hugs back! Marcus

  3. Beautiful composition Marcus. You have really good eyes for capturing the extra in the ordinary. And congrats to your new photography lens.

  4. Ich schließe mich an, großartiges Bild. Steht auch auf der Liste was ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren muss. Ich hab zwar nur eine OM-D E-M10 aber die kann das auch 🙂

  5. Marcus, this is a spectacular photograph! All these beautiful lines filled with light. Breathtaking scenery and so masterfully done!

  6. I feel you have time, go to Powell’s Books. It’s a book store that spans one whole city block! Some good street photography around there.

      1. Figured that, don’t ask how many times this happened to me! Just passed Powell’s 5 minutes ago on my way to the office. Already read about it and for a book freak like me this is a mandatory visit 😄!

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