The Earth from above in monochrome

Monochrom Aerial Photography 01

Mt. Jefferson | Oregon | 2017

As the job that pays the bills denied me any time to go shooting these past days I need to dig in last weeks archive to send you into the weekend. All these photos are from past Thursday and I took them on my Delta flight from Portland to Los Angeles  on my way home to Nuremberg. Camera was my Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom. I post the images in sequence from Mount Jefferson that we passed soon after Takeoff from PDX to the streets of Los Angeles while landing in LAX. For the full series continue after the jump….

Monochrom Aerial Photography 03

Unknown Lake | Oregon | 2017

I took my usual approach using manual focus set to infinity and a wide open aperture to minimize image degradation from the airplane window. The raw files were converted to B&W in Lightroom CC using a preset I have developed for this type of aerial shots as a starting point for my tweaks.

Monochrom Aerial Photography 02

Farms and Mountains | Oregon | 2017

On this flight I looked specifically for textures and patterns that I was sure would look great in monochrome.

Monochrom Aerial Photography 04

Distant Tahoe | Northern California | 2017


Monochrom Aerial Photography 05

Squares | Northern California | 2017

Monochrom Aerial Photography 06

L.A. Basin | Southern California | 2017

Monochrom Aerial Photography 08

Los Angeles | Southern California | 2017

Monochrom Aerial Photography 07

Hollywood Hills | Southern California | 2017

Can you spot the famous Hollywood Sign ?

Monochrom Aerial Photography 09

Inglewood | Southern California | 2017

It was an amazing, crystal clear day and I was lucky to have gotten a window seat. I was not so lucky on my next leg from L.A. to Amsterdam, I could only peak over my sleeping neighbor down to the crisp landscape of the western US as we headed back to Europe on a very southerly routing, crossing the USA towards New England where we headed out into the Atlantic.

Next Monday I’ll head back the other way for two weeks in the Rose City (aka Portland, Oregon).

I wish you all a great weekend!


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  1. These are cool Marcus! I don’t see the sign. 😦 And do you know I just googled it and I live 7.5 miles from it… and I have NEVER been there. What the heck?!? I’m going to try that this weekend! Love these images. The squares is really cool. It’s like looking at a map! I’m still looking for my house. 😉

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