Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Fire Seat
Fire Seat | 2017
Elemental” is the current theme of the weekly photo challenge (WPC) from Word Press’ “The Daily Post”. So I share four long exposure photographs representing the elements “fire”, “water”, “earth” and “air”. Anyone remembering the movie “Angels & Demons” ? First comes fire, where I experimented with long exposures to create the streaks. Image was taken with the Olympus PEN-F, specs are 1,6 sec @ f/2.8 ISO 80 (which is ISO Low on the Oly) and 30mm focal length. The rest of the elements you find after the jump….

Blue Motion
Blue Motion | 2017
Another long exposure for “water”, image specs 2,5 sec @ f/2.8 , ISO 80 (ISO Low) and 12mm focal length, also taken with the PEN-F. I did slightly gyrate the lens while pressing the shutter, to capture this artsy effect of a faucet.

Dream Trees
Dream Trees | 2017
Earth is symbolized by these trees, where I combined long exposure (1/6 sec @f/5.6 and ISO 200) with a panning motion out of the window of a moving bus. Camera here, as in the next shot, was my OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 14-150mm zoom lens.

Dream Trees
Airflow | 2017
The same technique was applied to this shot, taken at 1/6 sec with an f/8 aperture and ISO 200. So “Air” is represented by this collection of wind mills gyrating in the evening winds.

I hope you enjoyed my “long exposure” creative take on this week’s challenge.

I wish everyone a great weekend! I will enjoy it driving down the Oregon coast. Stay tuned for the photos 😉


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  1. Great techniques! Definitely need to update my photography techniques after seeing yours! Can’t wait to see more from you 😊

  2. I loved your take on this challenge! Your images were as creative as your interpretation of the theme “elemental.”

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