Rainy Sunday

Black & White

Black & White

Back home from Memphis I found that whatever was left from an amazing summer in Germany has left. It was raining all day with temperatures close to freezing.

The best thing to do? Meeting up with old friends. Instead of a planned hike we escaped into a well-known art gallery. A perfect place for street photography on a rainy day, unless you want to go for the first puddle shooting of the wet season.

Although I had my E-M1 in the backpack, I left in the locker and shot with my iPhone 8 plus. Which is perfectly suitable for street photography.  And in a gallery environment, it even has its advantages. Other visitors tend to totally ignore you when you shoot with a phone. They don’t even bother walking out of the frame. This would have been a different story if I have had the E-M1 with the rather large 12-100mm in my hand. For more photos from my gallery shooting continue after the jump…

Red & White

Red & White

Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow


White & Black

So if you face a wet Sunday yourself, go shooting in a local gallery. And why not just using your phone.

Wish you none less a sunny Sunday!


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  1. These came out brilliantly Marcus! I love the composition that you’ve chosen with the shots. I can see how the iPhone would be less intrusive. I think when I’ve been in museums, I’m more likely to notice the larger phones and move out of the way for them to capture the shot (which if they were street photographers may not have been their aim 😉 ).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Markus, that was a great escape! Art gallery is wonderful!
    I like how you took pictures in this wonderful place, you included people, their postures and created interesting stories.
    Wish you a nice week!

    Liked by 1 person

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