Vintage Lenses

Vintage Lenses

A good way to spend the first Sunday afternoon of 2022 is paying a visit to a friend who is a likeminded photographer. To drink some coffee and talk some serious photography shop. His passion is to acquire vintage lenses from the era of film cameras. This means high quality glass that performs admirably when attached to today’s modern DSLRs or System Cameras via an adapter. For very, very little money.

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Learning Center is online

Mobile learning
Mobile learning | Bangalore | 2013

Today my new Learning Center went online on the “Streets of Nuremberg”. This is how I want to call my one stop resource pool where you can find quick access to all my free tips, tutorials, inspirations and everything else that I want to give back to the community that gave me so much!

The Learning Center is directly accessible from the top menu of this blog, and here you find the links to all relevant posts listed under certain categories like “Street Photography Quick Tips” and “Instant Inspirations”, “Gear and settings” and some more.

The Learning Center will be constantly updated, so check back regularly! Have fun browsing!

I hope you like my latest attempt to enhance your experience with the “Streets of Nuremberg”.

Have a good week!


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Learning Center

Off Topic – Studio Anywhere (2)

SarahIn a follow-up to my first post about “Studio Anywhere”   I’m once again venturing far away from my usual posts around Street- and Travel Photography to try my luck at some portrait photography, this time using my daughter Sarah as my model.  To see more of our “shooting” and learn how this studio-like portrait was taken on a 1m stretch of white wall inside our rented apartment’s bedroom continue reading after the jump.

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Backup!!! Your!!! Data!!!

Backup your data

We’re photographers, with great creativity and great gear. Feeling invincible in what we do. Having everything under control. We think. Until it happens. Yesterday evening it happened to me. My 2011 Macbook Pro quit on me. Starts to boot, shows funny graphics on  the screen, goes black, starts to boot again…and again…and again.

Panic starts to come up. What happens if I don’t get it back up running? Do I have proper backups? Sure I do backups. I always back up my raws to an external hard drive. Only occasionally, when I download my camera and I don’t have my external drive at hand I copy my  raw backups to a folder called “Raws” on my Macbook HD. To transfer them later to the external drive. I know I have taken the shortcut on a few occasions lately. Darn….

Sure I use Time Machine to backup my Macbook to an Apple Airport Time Capsule. Only it gave me error messages the last couple of weeks that it is full. I had already made a mental note to check the Time Capsule and get the backup done, only didn’t get to do it yet. Darn…

I keep all my past images on an external double raid disk, perfectly safe. I have a copy on another drive that I keep in my office desk. In case the house burns down. Only the current years images I always keep on my MacBooks Hard Drive, because I work on them. Besides the Time Machine backups (that should work in theory unless it gives error messages) I do copy my images and my Lightroom catalogue occasionally  to yet another external flash drive. Only we talk of about 200 GB of data, that takes a while so I don’t do it too often. I know I have done it prior to our summer vacation, which means I potentially miss 2 months  images including our summer vacation (at least I have those raws on the external drive) if I don’t get my MacBook back on line and the Time Machine backup is incomplete. Darn….

What the true loss of data is I can only check once I get my either the MacBook repaired or a replacement machine. Until then I will sleep bad. In theory I have a great foolproof multiple backup strategy. In reality it might have failed me. Because machines will fail you once in a while. It is not the question if…but only when. So I give you a good advice!



Seems I’ve got really lucky !  It turned out the Graphic Chip on my MacBook died. As it doesn’t make sense to change the motherboard on a 5 1/2 year old machine I bit the bullet and picked up a new MacBook Pro (its a beauty with the Retina Display and a SSD). I started the old Macbook in Harddisk-Mode (one of the Apple technicians gave me this tip, simply press “t” while turning it on), connected the two Macbooks with a Thunderbolt cable and the old MacBook showed up as external Harddisk on my new MacBook. Then it was a matter of minutes to copy the files from the old to the new machine. Voilà, problem solved (minus the cash out for the new MacBook). But I really got lucky this time. From now on I make sure I have constant backups. One scare is enough!

Little woes of a traveling photographer

Stortorget | Stockholm | 2016

You have been looking forward to this weekend trip to a fancy city  that you always wanted to see. Time is limited, you only have a couple of days. You are travelling with your partner who is not all that much into photography.  You don’t want to spoil the getaway by constantly logging behind, hunting for that perfect photo opportunity, that better angle, fumbling with your gear to change to the more appropriate lens.

And besides taking the marquee shots of well-known attractions (and that everybody back home expects from you)  you are looking for those special shots that you expect from yourself, because after all your are not after the tourist snap shots, for you are a photographer.

You arrive at your destination, it is great to be there, the sights and sounds are awesome, the food tastes great, you take the “must-have” shots, but photographically you just don’t get into the right groove, into your creative flow. And somehow this frustrates you because your own expectations towards yourself are otherwise and you know you won’t have a chance to get back to this city anytime soon when the photographic circumstances might be better. Sounds familiar? Continue reading after the jump. Continue reading “Little woes of a traveling photographer”

Gear Talk – Ring light on a budget

On this blog I also want to talk about the gear I use. Typically a ring light is not something needed for Street Photography. But besides my focus areas of Street / Urban / Travel I also do some portrait shooting for family and friends.

For her upcoming high school graduation ceremony my daughter was asking for some portraits all dressed up. For that occasion I decided to look for a ring flash to evenly light the face of the model and get some nice round catch lights in the eyes.

After  looking around on the web I decided on a real budget solution that still should provide great results. Instead of investing in a real ring flash (and here you talk really big bucks) I found an attachable round light softbox with a donut shaped form that can be attached to the on camera speed light and lens.

I found two providers, the original Round Flash (close to 100 € / $) or a low-cost version from Neewer for one-third of the price. Read my review after the jump. Continue reading “Gear Talk – Ring light on a budget”

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