Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Shadow in the Field
Shadow in the Field | Brussels | 2013

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme “Shadow”. My entry perfectly reflects the current status of my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m spending more time in the air than on terra firma. For the job that pays the bills I’m working on a big project with a base near Portland, Oregon. For the foreseeable future I will be a lot in the Pacific Northwest of the USA as well as traveling to subsites around the globe. A lot of air time. A lot of time away from home.

This morning I got in from Detroit. But I shouldn’t complain too much as I got a complementary upgrade to First Class on my Lufthansa flight back to Frankfurt, so I crossed the North Atlantic in style. Thanks to the pilot’s decision to fly around the winter storm over the Northeastern USA the flight took even an hour longer than usual which was nice because I was able to get some sleep after a marvelous dinner. And I still was back in Nuremberg in time for breakfast with the family.

Next Wednesday I’m heading back over the pond, for three days packed with meetings. Not sure if I will have some opportunity to go shooting.

The photo above I took with my iPhone while approaching Brussels Airport. The Lesson: always have something ready to shoot with, you never know what jumps into your eyes.

Enjoy your weekend!


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