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Marcus Puschmann Self Portrait

My name is Marcus Puschmann, I’m 56 years old, married, with two grown kids, living near Nuremberg, Germany. Working a demanding daytime job as Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant, photography is my passion, a hobby that I can easily take along when traveling the world on business or with my family. I’m fully self taught, the Internet is such a great place to learn everything about photography and a source of constant inspiration (thanks to all who are sharing their work and their knowledge). I also read a lot of photography books and magazines.

Besides photography itself I’m also very much invested in post production and photographic gear and gadgets.

I started to share my images on Flickr in 2007 on my primary Flickr account (fotopusch). From the wide variety of images posted there you can see that I’m still trying to find myself photographically. Going into Street Photography with a dedicated Flickr account (Streets of Nuremberg) and this blog is a project to bring some structure and focus into my photographic journey and to display Street Photography in an artistic way. For more information about what is the story and intention of this blog read here.

I’m always looking forward at knowledge sharing with fellow photographers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch @  marcus@streetsofnuremberg.com !

My images and my written materials are all copyrighted ©  under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License and cannot be used for commercial purposes and may not be distributed in any adaptations. If you use my material in any non-commercial form, you must credit me and link back to this blog. 

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