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Welcome to my Learning Center. This is how I want to call my one stop resource pool where you can find all my free tips, tutorials, inspirations and everything else that I want to give back to the community that gave me so much!  This page will be constantly updated, so check back regularly! Have fun browsing!

Street Photography Quick Tips

My “Street Photography Quick Tips” is a very popular series that provides you with some short, easy to read and easy to use tips that I think could help you while shooting in the streets.

Street Photography Quick Tip 1 – A way to shoot inconspicuously

Street Photography Quick Tip 2 – Another way to shoot inconspicuously

Street Photography Quick Tip 3 – Practice shooting “blind”

Street Photography Quick Tip 4 – Shoot out of a moving car or bus

Street Photography Quick Tip 5 – Composition – the hidden subject

Street Photography Quick Tip 6 – Shoot in a station

Street Photography Quick Tip 7 – Work the Scene

Street Photography Quick Tip 8 – Capturing Gesture

Street Photography Quick Tip 9 – Motion Blur

Street Photography Quick Tip 10 – Using Photographic Obstacles

Street Photography Quick Tip 11 – Using Color Accents

Street Photography Quick Tip 12 – Shoot from a Gallery 

Street Photography Quick Tip 13 – Shoot in a Coffee Shop

Street Photography Quick Tip 14 – Shoot upwards and tilted for more dynamic street portraits

Street Photography Quick Tip 15 – Get close for more intense street portraits

Street Photography Quick Tip 16 – Capture what captures attention

Street Photography Quick Tip 17 – Shoot with what the sun gives you

Street Photography Quick Tip 18 – Layered Faces

Instant Inspirations

“Instant Inspiration”  is my series for you if you feel you suffer from “Photographer’s Block”  or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried. Or at least not recently. Read the posts, become inspired, take your camera, head out and have fun!

Instant Inspiration (I) – Get Down Low

Instant Inspiration (2) – Motion Blur

Instant Inspiration (3) – Silhouettes

Instant Inspiration (4) – Juxtaposition

Instant Inspiration (5) – Puddle Shooting

Instant Inspiration (6) – Storefront Windows

Instant Inspiration (7) – ICM

Instant Inspiration (8) -Make a portrait of a stranger

Instant Inspiration (9) – Concert Photography

Instant Inspiration (10) – Nocturnal Skyline

Instant Inspiration (11) – Change of Perspective

Instant Inspiration (12) – Playfulness

Instant Inspiration (13)- Pictures in an Exhibition

Instant Inspiration (14) – Car Reflections

Instant Inspiration (15) – Long Exposure Waterscapes

Instant Inspiration (16) – Dusk at the Ocean

Instant Inspiration (17) – Flower Photography with Zoom

Instant Inspiration (18) – Alternative Portrait

Instant Inspiration (19) – Tell your day in two photos

Instant Inspiration (20) – Backlit Fountain

Instant Inspiration (21) – Shoot what attracts your eye

Instant Inspiration (22) – Variations on a Billboard

Instant Inspiration (23) – Hidden Street Portrait

Instant Inspiration (24) – Fine Art Wildlife

Instant Inspiration (25) – Foodporn

Instant Inspiration (26) – Shoot an optical illusion

Instant Inspiration (27) -Alternative Postcard Shot

Instant Inspiration (28) – Handholding slow shutter speeds

Instant Inspiration (29) – Frame your subject

Instant Inspiration (30) – Look for that different face

Instant Inspiration (31) – Go for contrast

Instant Inspiration (32) – Shoot an object you love

Portrait Photography

Off Topic – Studio Anywhere

Off Topic – Studio Anywhere (2)

Off Topic – Fashion Shooting

The Photographic Journey

Finding your photographic style

Stay Interested !

Gear and Settings

My Gear

Gear & Camera Settings for Street Photography

My Photography Equipment Checklist

Gear Talk – Ring light on a budget

Backup!!! Your!!! Data!!!

Keep warm !

Building the Brand

A Street Photographer’s Business Card

Want your own Logo ? DIY !

Drinking from my own mugs

S(treets)hirts of Nuremberg

Great books on photography

Buy books not gear (1) – Vivian Maier

Buy books not gear (2) – Elliott Erwitt – Snaps

Buy books not gear (3) – Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs

If you feel a post is missing from this page, please let me know!


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