Music and Street Photography

Some street photographers do listen to music while they are roaming the streets with their cameras. Some say it is beneficial for their creativity, some see the advantage that having their headphones on sort of protects them from potential comments from people they are taking pictures of. Though I can see the rational I personally don’t agree with both those arguments. Continue reading “Music and Street Photography”

Nuremberg Explored (1)

Café Confiserie Neef

Cafe Neef.jpg
Café Neef – Nürnberg | iPhone 6s plus | Photo by Birgit Puschmann

A couple of firsts in todays blogpost…the start of a new series (Nuremberg Explored) as well as the first guest photo featured on Streets of Nuremberg.

I’m the only one seriously into photography in the family, despite my efforts to get my kids more involved. My wife Birgit used to shoot a lot as well, but lately she’s dropped the cams and is snapping away at what she likes with her iPhone 6splus. And when we’re out all together I’m frequently picked on because I take so much time for my picture taking  that the rest of the gang complains they need to wait too long before I’ve captured what I want to capture. Continue reading “Nuremberg Explored (1)”

Shooting on a rainy Saturday

While doing some shopping downtown I had my Ricoh GR II with me and used the opportunity to snap some pics on this rainy Saturday afternoon. All are taken in Nuremberg’s Karolinenstrasse. I used the high contrast filter on the GR II so I saw the B&W pic on the cams monitor while composing and pressing  the shutter. But as I shot RAW only I got the pics in full color when importing in Lightroom. So I had to reconvert to B&W via VSCO presets in Lightroom. Easiest thing to avoid that is shooting RAW+jpg, so you retain the jpg with the applied in-camera filter for immediate use, plus you have the RAW for more extensive post production options.

Happy Feet
“Happy Feet” – Ricoh GR II 1/200 sec @ f / 3,5 and ISO 8000
Continue reading “Shooting on a rainy Saturday”

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