Shooting on a rainy Saturday

While doing some shopping downtown I had my Ricoh GR II with me and used the opportunity to snap some pics on this rainy Saturday afternoon. All are taken in Nuremberg’s Karolinenstrasse. I used the high contrast filter on the GR II so I saw the B&W pic on the cams monitor while composing and pressing  the shutter. But as I shot RAW only I got the pics in full color when importing in Lightroom. So I had to reconvert to B&W via VSCO presets in Lightroom. Easiest thing to avoid that is shooting RAW+jpg, so you retain the jpg with the applied in-camera filter for immediate use, plus you have the RAW for more extensive post production options.

Happy Feet
“Happy Feet” – Ricoh GR II 1/200 sec @ f / 3,5 and ISO 8000
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