Instant Inspiration (8) -Make a portrait of a stranger

Guitar Hero

There is no other way to start the photographic new year than with a new edition of my “Instant Inspirations”, something for you to try to overcome photographers block or if you simply want to give your photography a new angle. This eight episode might be tough on some of my readers, as it is about shooting  Street Portraits. For a bit of how-to, more examples and links to previous episodes 1 through 7 continue reading after the jump…..

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Music and Street Photography

Some street photographers do listen to music while they are roaming the streets with their cameras. Some say it is beneficial for their creativity, some see the advantage that having their headphones on sort of protects them from potential comments from people they are taking pictures of. Though I can see the rational I personally don’t agree with both those arguments. Continue reading “Music and Street Photography”

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