Goodbye Evernote

This morning I found an email from Evernote in my inbox, stating that in the coming weeks the use of Evernote Basic will be restricted to two devices (one computer and one cellphone, two computers or one cellphone and one tablet, but I think you get the point). You need to upgrade to “plus”, “premium”, or “business” plans in order to continue to sync your notes across multiple devices.

The thing is I don’t want to spend big bucks on just sharing a few notes and collected infos across multiple devices. And all the great things included in the “plus” or “premium” plans are pretty useless for me. And even the cheapest plan (34,99 USD per year) offers just the additional functionality of saving emails to notes and using offline notebooks on mobile devices in addition to multi device sync.¬† Continue reading “Goodbye Evernote”

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