Stages of Life on a Street Photography Morning

While strolling through the streets of Marseille’s magnificent Old Town some weeks ago I also took some photographs of local street life. While doing my selections / post processing a couple of images caught my eye. I realized that  unintentionally I have captured humans in activities that for me are somehow representative for their respective  stages of their lives. So I put them together in this post and wrote down a few brief thoughts coming to my mind when looking at those images.

Rough Rider
Rough Rider | Marseille | 2016

I want to start with the elder ones. The generation that has built the foundations of what we live in today through a life full of work and caring for their families. The last stage can be a tough one. Poverty, deteriorating health, the loss of a partner, increasing loneliness. Still there are many that remain active, take their lives into their hands, find time to enjoy what they didn’t have time for during their working years. Still passing on their experiences and lessons of life.   Continue reading “Stages of Life on a Street Photography Morning”

StoNur on the Road – Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum
Porsche Museum | Stuttgart | 2016

Photographing cars is not exactly related to Street Photography, but at least they drive on streets and are integral part of our daily life. Last weekend I had the chance to attend a workshop with Olympus Visionary Thomas Adorff in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, a perk that came with my purchase of an Olympus PEN-F earlier in the year.

So last Saturday I drove over to Stuttgart (90 minute drive from Nuremberg) and met Thomas Adorff and a bunch of Olympus enthusiasts for a day in the Porsche Museum. More about the event and more photos after the jump. Continue reading “StoNur on the Road – Porsche Museum”

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Cyclist
Ghost Rider | Nuremberg | 2016

Another one from the motion blurred series of cyclists I took on the Pegnitz bikeway near Nuremberg’s Halletor, opposite from the “Schnepperschütz” Bar. Taken with the Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 17mm. Shot was taken with 1/13 sec @ f/7.1 and ISO200 with the Monochrome 2 profile of the PEN (jpg out of camera).

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StoNur on the Road – End of the World

Cabo da Roca | Portugal | 2013

As I’m currently away from home (and will be for the next three weeks) I’m using the opportunity of my absence from the Streets of Nuremberg to dig into my archives and revisit some of the places I’ve visited the last couple of years. As I have all my photos on a portable Hard Drive with me (one copy that is, I have various back-ups) I even enjoy going through my old files, something don’t get to do as much when home and in my daily treadmill.

This is from a trip to Lisbon in 2013. We did a day trip by public bus to Sintra and then on to Cabo da Roca, the western most point of continental Europe. It is located 42 kilometers west of Lisbon in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and lays on a rock 140 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. Although not as famous as Europe’s northern most tip at the North Cape, Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope it is definitely on of the prettiest of all continental capes. You really feel your are right on the edge of the earth, were it all ends.  When you stand there and take in the sights and sounds of this cape and the infinite see beyond you get kind of an understanding for our forefathers who thought Earth was a disc that ends behind the great Oceans.

If you ever travel to Lisbon (more of this city in a future post) make sure you drive out to this magic place.

Have a great day!


Saturday Rush (or running after the subway bird)

“Exodus” – Olympus PEN-F    1/6 sec @ f3,2 and ISO 200

Saturday I was in town for some deliberate shooting. Rather then my normal strolling around to see what comes in front of my lense (as usual my favorite m.Zuiko 17mm f1,8) I set myself the goal to capture some motion in my shots. Experimenting a bit I found that 1/6 of a second is a pretty good staring point capturing people in motion to get this distinctive blur, while keeping the rest of the pic (static objects) sharp despite handholding the shots, thanks to the great 5 axis image stabilization of the PEN-F  (same as in my E-M1).

I started in the subway, because here you find always people in a rush. What amazed me was that bird (pigeon / dove / Taube) that was running around this underground platform. Continue reading “Saturday Rush (or running after the subway bird)”

Shooting on a rainy Saturday

While doing some shopping downtown I had my Ricoh GR II with me and used the opportunity to snap some pics on this rainy Saturday afternoon. All are taken in Nuremberg’s Karolinenstrasse. I used the high contrast filter on the GR II so I saw the B&W pic on the cams monitor while composing and pressing  the shutter. But as I shot RAW only I got the pics in full color when importing in Lightroom. So I had to reconvert to B&W via VSCO presets in Lightroom. Easiest thing to avoid that is shooting RAW+jpg, so you retain the jpg with the applied in-camera filter for immediate use, plus you have the RAW for more extensive post production options.

Happy Feet
“Happy Feet” – Ricoh GR II 1/200 sec @ f / 3,5 and ISO 8000
Continue reading “Shooting on a rainy Saturday”

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