Are you a Hunter or a Gatherer ?

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek | Nuremberg | 2016

Street Photographers tend to fall in two categories. There are the hunters, and then there are the gatherers. Does that concept sound familiar? After all, humans have been hunters and gatherers forever. The hunters roam the city streets searching actively for interesting scenes. If something unfolds in front of their camera they capture in instantly. If they see an interesting person they would possibly follow it for the opportunity of “shooting” it in a context that brings out a “special effect”.

The gatherers find a visually interesting spot and then just wait for something to happen, someone interesting to walk by. This can be at a street crossing, opposite a colorful wall, an interesting shop window, an advertisement or an interesting pattern on the ground.

None of this methods is superior over the other when it comes to providing a better chance of capturing a successful image. There is no right or wrong.

I’m more of the gatherers. I enjoy just standing or sitting in an interesting place and waiting for things to happen. For some this is a difficult concept as they might be too impatient to wait for something to happen, so  they continue their hunt, for fearing they might miss the perfect shot just around the next corner.

On the other hand, if you are at a scene that visually attracts you, there might just unfold the action / the detail that makes you harvest the shot that satisfies you.

After all, didn’t William Shakespeare say “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women  merely player?”

Regardless in which category you fall (or maybe you are a “hybrid”?) just be prepared. Have your camera ready and observe carefully.


Human Rights
Human Rights | Nuremberg | 2016

The shots in this series all happened within a twenty-minute timeframe while I was sitting across the entrance to Nuremberg’s “Way of Human Rights”. I really love this spot as it provides a lot of visually interesting backgrounds, not only in front of the entrance gate but also inside with the columns and the glass front of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

And it is also an entrance to the Old Town there are lots of passerby’s and cyclists, so you really have the chance to catch something interesting.

Perfetto | Nuremberg | 2016


In stride
In Stride | Nuremberg | 2016

Are you more the hunter or the gatherer ? Feel free to comment!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Wikipedia Entry on the “Way of Human Rights” in Nuremberg

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  1. Hi Marcus, I like the sound of your approach the best. I imagine it would yield the best results in the long run and I would imagine there is less chance of being spotted taking the picture when you are ‘part of the furniture’. Wonderful photos and interesting article. Thanks!

  2. I am a hybrid…I do a lot of hunting by shooting from the hip. I also like to find an interesting background and wait to see who comes by. Love your images, Marcus, especially the walking feet on the striped walkway.

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