When you know you got a winner

young boy splashing water on camera
Splash Hero | Nürnberg | 2016

Do you know this feeling? You just pressed the shutter button and you know instantly that you bagged yourself a winner, a keeper, without even re-checking the exposed frame on the rear display of your camera. A pic that alone was worth the photographic outing.

It happened to me again just minutes after getting out of the car. Approaching the “Ehekarussel”-Fountain I saw this little boy playing with water. That’s were having a ready to shoot cam in the pocket comes in handy. I had my Ricoh GR II in my hands an instant later, preset to my favorite street photography settings with snap focus activated. So it was just a matter of pressing the shutter without thinking about technical settings.

The little guy really enjoyed himself splashing water and he didn’t mind the attention and the smile he got from me. Bingo !  So my Saturday afternoon trip was a success after the first shot.

Some more pics from my outing, the B&W’s taken with the Ricoh GR II, the blended exposures with the Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 12mm f/2.0.

Ehekarussell Fountain Nuremberg
Ehekarussell | Nuremberg | 2016
Black Men with White Masks
Black Men with White Masks | Nuremberg | 2016
Ghost Beauties
Ghost Beauties | Nuremberg | 2016
St. Lorenz Church Nuremberg
St. Lorenz | Nuremberg | 2016

Have a good Sunday!


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  1. Hi Marcus,
    I like your website, and that is a great shot of the little guy splashing around. But is it ok the photograph other people’s kids in Germany? I think you need a parent’s permission in the UK now. Also, it’s best not to call him a b*gger!



    1. Hi Richard,
      thanks for the great words. In Germany you need to obtain peoples permission if you want to publish photos they are in, although their is a grey zone for photographs were individuals are not the main subject or if the photo can be considered art. The courts are still debating the borderlines. Per se, photographing kids in public without obtaining their parents permission is not forbidden, but I think it is something that should go without saying, especially when you shoot deliberate portraits.
      Although in this case I have to admit I shot first and asked later, otherwise the moment would have been lost.
      And thanks for the hint with the “bugger”, changed it already. Thats sometimes the problem if you don’t write in your mother tongue ;-).

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