Month: April 2018

Life in the Big Apple


Red Tie |New York City | 2018

The post should be titled “Sign of Life from the Big Apple”. We’ve been roaming the streets of New York City for 5 days now. Initially I intended to blog each day, but gave up on it on day 2. Anyone surprised? The SD cards are filling up nicely now. You will get to see it eventually, promised! Also please bear with me not answering to comments or reading other people’s blogs, I will catch up on both once back home. So I will leave you just with a few street shots, as those need not much curating or processing. For a few more shots, what we saw so far and how happy I am with the gear I brought, continue after the jump… (more…)

My New York City Eye Opener

Eye Opener

Eye Opener | New York City | 2018

This is my New York City eye-opener from this morning, in the truest sense of the word. When I opened my eyes at 6:05am this morning, this is what I saw from my pillow. Our hotel room has floor to roof glass windows, and sure we slept with the curtains open, with the view of the downtown Manhattan skyline. I grabbed my E-M1 and squeezed off a shot through our windows at 1/5 sec, f/4 and ISO 200, to capture the magic of the pre-sunrise blue hour.


Empire State Building | New York | 2018

The debate was not really a debate. We threw some clothes on and took the stairs from the 12th floor (where our room is) to the rooftop on the 19th floor of our hotel in the Meetpacking District directly above the Highline Park. In the midst of a freezing morning (it was 32F / 0C) we enjoyed, all by ourselves, a magic Manhattan sunrise.


Rooftop Reflections | New York City | 2018

The rooftop has also a glass wall, in which I captured the reflections of the sunrise behind the midtown skyline (behind us) and the downtown skyline with the new World Trade Center. No double exposure, a single shot. 1/320 sec @ f/7.1 and ISO 200. Lens was the 12-100mm F/4 I brought along with my OM-D E-M1.

NYC Sunrise 6

Room with a View | New York City | 2018

I took this panorama with my iPhone from the roof, this is practically the same view we enjoy from our room, only without any window reflections. Isn’t this a million dollar view? Life is good! Today we head downtown to World Trade Center and the 9/11 memorial and museum.

Have a great Monday!


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White Whale

White Whale | Frankfurt | 2018

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Happy Easter


Easter Fountain | Altdorf | 2013

We did spend a good amount of Easter Sunday in the car, returning from a splendid weekend with friends in Austria. The Big Boy was handling all the driving, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as he is a good driver and fully ready to start driving all by himself starting next Thursday, when he turns 18.

Sitting next to him, I could limit my supervisory duties to an occasional checking glance to the speedometer (German Autobahn does not have a speed limit), and used the time to watch an awesome video class on Kelby Training that I’ve downloaded to my iPad, “A Day with Jay Maisel”, where Scott (Kelby) and Jay walk the streets of New York during this two hour video, and Jay shares his wisdom from years of shooting Street Photography in the Big Apple. An excellent intro for our upcoming NYC trip.

As there was no real time for my own photography yesterday, I turned to the archive and pulled out this iPhone image I took of an Easter fountain in neighboring Altdorf (the town where Big Boy goes to school). The decoration of fountains with eggs and tree branches is an old tradition in our region, it is fun doing a Easter outing, driving from village to village to look at the magnificent displays.

The weather in the shot was exactly how it was yesterday, cool and cloudy, with an occasional shower and an ensuing glimpse of the sun. Today, Easter Monday, the weather is glorious, and in Germany we still enjoy a free day. The Significant Other, Big Boy and I have prepared the Easter lamb that is not simmering in the oven, to be enjoyed later when family comes over for the Easter dinner.

Wish you all a great Monday!


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