Travel Day (12)

White Whale
White Whale | Frankfurt | 2018

Travel Day once again, but this one is special. To find out why, continue after the jump…

Ground Crew
Ground Crew | Frankfurt | 2018

I’m about to take to the skies again, to cross the Atlantic Ocean westbound. But not to my usual destination Portland. This time I’m heading to the East Coast. Lufthansa Flight LH 400 will take me to New York’s JFK airport in about one hour, and I have The Significant Other with me. We are sitting in the Senator Lounge at Frankfurt airport, and outside the window is our Airbus A380-800 getting loaded with cargo and catering. I just realized I haven’t been vacationing in the US for almost 6 years, despite being constantly over on business. So I’m really looking forward to our week in the Big Apple. We have some really nice stuff lined up. And I’m so much looking forward to some serious street photography in one of my favorite cities on this planet. So stay tuned for some posts  about the Streets of Nuremberg paying a visit to New York City.

Waiting Time
Waiting Time | Frankfurt | 2018

But now I’m looking forward crossing the Ocean in the Upper Deck of the big Lufthansa double decker. Sure enough I treat the wife to Business Class 😉

Have a great Sunday!


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    Happy traveling!

  2. Oh, hope you have a great time in NYC!! We just came back from an amazing trip 😀 And your pictures are amazing! Waiting for an update from the big Apple 🙂
    //Rebecka 🙂

  3. OOOOOHHHH!! I will be *so eager* to see whatever photos you care to share — but mostly, just have a wonderful time, Marcus.

      1. … and MY GOODNESS, what a post it is! Glorious images, Marcus.

      2. Excellent! Blushing is good for the complexion; it increases circulation. 🙂

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