NYC Experience – DUMBO

Bokeh Bridge
Bokeh Bridge | New York City | 2018 | 1/10sec @ f/4 and ISO 200

DUMBO stands for “Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, the Brooklyn neighborhood on the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Originally a ferry landing, with 19th- and early 20th-century industrial and warehouse buildings, the area is now a hip and expensive neighborhood with plenty bars, restaurants and fancy apartments in the converted brick buildings.

I love NYC
I love NYC  | New York | 2018 | 1/80 sec @ f/4 and ISO 640

From Manhattan it best can be reached via the A-Line Station “High Street / Brooklyn Bridge”. Form the station you can easily reach beginning of the famous walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, or you can wander down to the East River  to take in the awesome views of the Manhattan downtown skyline and the massive two bridges crossing the East River, best seen from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I was quite amazed by the nice bokeh my mZuiko 12-100mm f/4 produced at its widest aperture, and I loved experimenting a bit in the waning light of a splendid NYC day.

Blue Hour Skyline
Blue Hour Skyline | New York City | 2018  | 1/13 sec @ f/4 and ISO 400

What also sets this lens apart, is the awesome lens internal image stabilization. I shot the next two photos with a shutter speed of 1/5 sec hand-held, and they are real sharp. This saves me lugging around a tripod, which is a key benefit when roaming a full day through a city on foot. Shooting low light with this lens and my Olympus OM-D E-M1 is so much fun. Despite the slow shutter speeds I could keep ISO at by, never exceeding 1600 (which is no problem noise-wise on the Olympus). And at f/4, the lens is still sharp across the frame and along the full zoom range. A great piece of glass.

Manhattan Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge | New York City | 2018  | 1/5 sec @ f/4 and ISO 800

If you want to rest a bit and are in for a pizza, directly underneath the bridges are various Italian restaurants featuring coal fired brick pizza ovens, something that is not allowed across the East River in Manhattan for fire prevention reasons. We went to Grimaldi’s on Front Street.

The Bridge
The Bridge | New York City | 2018  | 1/5 sec @ f/4 and ISO 1600

This photograph of the Manhattan Bridge behind brick buildings of Washington Street, with the Empire State Building visible beneath the bridge was on my “must have shot” list. During my earlier trips to the Big Apple I never made it to DUMBO, and I have a framed photograph of this famous view by German photographer Steffen Böttcher (“Stilpirat”)  hanging in my office. So sure we finished our tour with this iconic view, just down from the High Street subway station.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Great captures Marcus!! Not only do I love seeing NYC at night through your lens, but that bokeh in the first shot is awesome. The locks are great too!!

  2. Awesome series! And I agree with Stefan. First one is a unique capture of the bridge. Last one is a must-have 🙂 It looks like you enjoyed your NYC experience!

  3. Wow! Loved it. You’ve done it again, Marcus! The first picture is amazing. The blurry background and the lights both come together to create a defined picture of the bridge! Amazing. God bless! 🙂

  4. Marcus, I love to see your New York and follow your journey! Every single photograph you made of this great city is BREATHTAKING!

  5. How have I never heard of DUMBO before? You’ve opened a whole new world for me, Marcus! Just as your new lens has opened a whole new world for you too: Fantastic images! Of course, it takes a skilled eye to conceive the images — but your equipment certainly did its part too. Beautiful!

      1. There is indeed an elephant named Dumbo, but I don’t think he lives in New York. 😉

  6. Hi Marcus.
    Glad you has a fab holiday, you deserve it
    A question if I may
    I’m struggling to get bokeh with my mzuiko lenses. Is this because I’m using auto focus or is there something technically I’m doing wrong. I don’t have the issue with my Nikon.

    1. Hi Richard, I do only manual focus when going for bokeh. at the widest aperture. I agree, AF won’t get you this. Which is, thinking about it, logical, as AF wants to get the image sharp. I love to play with manual focus until I get the desired effect. Marcus

      1. Thanks for that Marcus. And yes that makes sense. I happen to think that the omd has the best auto focus I’ve known on a camera. I’ll have to start practicing with mf.

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