Happy Birthday, Streets of Nuremberg

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday | Nuremberg | 2017

A year ago today I started my photography blog “Streets of Nuremberg” with the post Shooting on a rainy Saturday. Completely new to blogging I had no idea what I got myself into and where this would lead me. My idea was to use it as sort of my own photographic diary as well as my space on the web where I could share with others my experiences on my way deeper into photography and some tips and inspirations for others to try.

The Journey was amazing! I would have never expected what this blog has developed into. First of all, and most important of all, I would like to extend a big, huge, gigantic and heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all my readers, followers and supporters!

For a few insights into this amazing ride, some reflections and outlook to what’s to come continue reading after the jump….

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Reinhold Söder | + 19 January 2012

5 years ago to this day my father-in-law lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather, a great friend for so many. An Elementary School Principal, he was passionate about his school and “his” children. He was very engaged in his church community. He was a passionate traveler and photographer. He was someone to look up to. He is missed, every day. He continues to live in his daughters and his grandchildren. In our hearts and memories. And he is watching from above.

This is my 100th post on the Streets of Nuremberg. It is a coincidence. This blog is about photography. But this blog is also a bit about life. It couldn’t have been a better 100th post.


My photo of the year 2016

Let them Learn
Let them Learn | Tanzania | 2016

In my last post of 2016 I want to leave you with my favorite photograph of the year. It shows a group of small children in a very simple and small one room building deep in the Massai bushveld in Tanzania, that triples as kindergarden, elementary school and Lutheran Church. A few sunspots fall on the floor and on the children.

Of all the photos I took in 2016 this is not only the one that means the most to me. Photographically, but also the visit to this small Massai congregation out in the bush, where the clans still live in their traditional semi-nomadic way in their simple “bomba” (fenced in circular houses) without running water and electricity, was one of the most memorable impressions of this year and surely one I will never forget.

This photo also stands for my greatest wish for 2017. Let the children learn ! I truly believe this is the only way we can overcome the chaotic times we live in. If we would succeed  in providing education for all children on this planet,teach them the core values of humanity that are universal to all cultures, this world would be a better place. And my visit to the Tanzanian bush has proved to me once again that children are eager to learn. They are interested in the world. They want to broaden their horizons. This is natural to children. We just have to let them learn!

I wish all of you and your loved ones a great start into the new year. Have a peaceful, blessed, successful, healthy and happy 2017. Chase your dreams and make them come true!


Merry Christmas from the Streets of Nuremberg

Christkindlesmarkt Nuremberg
Night before Christmas | Nuremberg | 2016

To everyone out there, but particularly to all the many magic people I’ve had the blessings to meet (at least virtually) during my first year blogging on the “Streets of Nuremberg” I wish a peaceful and merry Christmas and much love and laughters together with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas from the Streets of Nuremberg


Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month | Nuremberg | 2016

Now that we are near to the finish line of the annual Christmas Rally I want to dedicate this photo  from the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, together with my respect and my sincerest gratitude, to all the vendors of Christmas decorations, ornaments, crafts, food, drinks and many things more that sit for endless hours in their cold wooden stalls on all those Christmas Markets to give us passing visitors something to enjoy, to look at, to photograph and  to help us opening us to the magic of the festive season! Thanks to all of you! For me you all are my employees of the month!

Have a blessed Christmas!


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Have a great Festive Season !

How many stories can an image tell?

Pensive | Cremona | 2016

What drives my  Street Photography is my genuine interest in people and life. The desire to capture a genuine moment of everyday life and preserve it for the future. A snapshot of a fleeting moment of a person’s life that exists only in the very moment I press the shutter and will never repeat itself again. Physically maybe, because the old man I photographed here might actually always be sitting in this very church bench. But how he felt and what he thought in this exact moment was genuine to it.

What was he feeling, what was he thinking in this moment? This is not a photo that I look at and think it is a nice and photographically pleasing image. And then move on to the next. This is a photograph that whenever I look at it I ask myself the same questions over again. Why was he there? What was he feeling, thinking? Why was he alone? Was he sad? Was he tired? Was he just seeking a moment of contemplation and calmness in the buzz of a Saturday morning in the city?

This is why I love Street Photography. How many stories can an image tell?

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Stay Interested !


Business Travel Reality

Imprisoned | Dallas | 2016

The job that pays my bills requires me to travel all over this globe. Last week I was in Dallas. This week I was in New York. Friends often envy me for going to all those fancy places. The thing is, much more often than not I don’t have anything from my travels, apart from putting little flags  of the visited countries on the map in my office at home.

Sure there are some benefits, I don’t need to go to the movies because eventually I get to see all films on a plane (apart maybe from recently released “Sullly” about the successful emergency landing on the Hudson River – I seriously doubt that they will show this movie on a plane). And of course, the best thing of all is that I get to meet all different kinds of interesting people all over this planet. And sure, each trip at least contains on nice dinner to a local restaurant, so food wise I’m getting spoiled (which also has its serious disadvantages).

But apart from some glimpses of a skyline on my way from the airport to the office or hotel I very rarely get so see the sights and sounds of the places I travel to. That’s reality.

This is especially sad as I sometimes I would die to take my camera and roam the streets of the cities I travel to. To experience and capture life.

I can write a book about meeting rooms in this world. And the views from them, as long as they have one. You won’t believe how many windowless meeting rooms there are.

That’s for the most part the reality to my business travels. First you are imprisoned in a steel tube. Then you are imprisoned in a meeting room. But I love my job. And the best thing is the feeling of safely returning home to the ones I love.

Have a great day!


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Have a great Festive Season !

Magic of the Festive Season

This weekend marks the start of the festive season, with the opening of Christmas Markets everywhere. While for most adults it is rather a busy and often stressful time I will always remember the magic that the “Adventszeit” as it is called in German Language brought for me when I was a child as well as for my children when they were young. I wish all of you a peaceful and and happy festive season! And enjoy all the great opportunity it brings on for us photographers!


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