Let the Games begin !

Team Germany
Team Germany | Nuremberg | 2016

Yesterday the UEFA EURO 2016 has started with the opening match of host France vs. Romania, with the French team winning on a last minute goal. I watched parts of the first half on a muted TV in an airline club at DFW airport, when the game was decided in the second half I was already in the air on my way back to Germany.

I have to admit the last weeks were kind of busy, and I completely ignored the media frenzy leading up the tournament. And even the opening match didn’t yet generate any emotions regarding this years soccer summer madness. 

But when today I tuned into my first live (on TV) match Wales against Slovakia and heard the Welsh fans sing enthusiastically their national anthem the familiar tournament excitement finally arrived. It was a good match, although I missed parts of it due to jet-lag induced phases of sleep while I was lying on my couch.

And the start of England vs Russia, again with an intense fan-performance on “God Save the Queen” even completed my entry into the EURO 2016.

So tomorrow night the German Team will start their Quest to add the European Title to the amazing World Championship we won in 2014 in Brazil.

Like usual we will team up with our neighbors to watch the game together and hopefully will have a nice party around a successful match against Ukraine. Unfortunately the weather forecast calls for rain, so instead of outdoor watching while barbecuing we will probably have an indoor event.

To all all the fans out there I wish a great and foremost peaceful tournament !

Have a great soccer weekend!


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  1. Hab’ ebenso ein relaxtes Fußballwochenende Marcus. Und was den Regen betrifft, so ist es hier im Norden nicht anders. Freuen wir uns auf den ersten Auftritt der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft und auf ein sehenswertes Spiel.

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