1. It seems he isn’t very happy about his day. I like his face’s expression; it’s priceless! A very excellent portrait of a stranger.

    Wish you a nice Sunday and a nice week.

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  2. You monochrome images look superb need some tips on some settings you use on your digital equipment used to get some nice result on film but some how new digital revolution is not being enough satisfactory for me. kindly do share some good b&w tips.

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    1. Generally speaking I shoot raw & jpg with the camera (either the GR II or the Olympus PEN-F) set to monochrome modes that I “see” and compose already a B&W image. In post-processing (I do 98% in Lightroom CC) I usually work on the Raw file (as it has a greater tonal range), convert this to B&W and do my adjustents. As it would be difficult to share this via a comment I take you up on your request and will shortly do a post on my postprocessing for my B&W.

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