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Imprisoned | Dallas | 2016

The job that pays my bills requires me to travel all over this globe. Last week I was in Dallas. This week I was in New York. Friends often envy me for going to all those fancy places. The thing is, much more often than not I don’t have anything from my travels, apart from putting little flags  of the visited countries on the map in my office at home.

Sure there are some benefits, I don’t need to go to the movies because eventually I get to see all films on a plane (apart maybe from recently released “Sullly” about the successful emergency landing on the Hudson River – I seriously doubt that they will show this movie on a plane). And of course, the best thing of all is that I get to meet all different kinds of interesting people all over this planet. And sure, each trip at least contains on nice dinner to a local restaurant, so food wise I’m getting spoiled (which also has its serious disadvantages).

But apart from some glimpses of a skyline on my way from the airport to the office or hotel I very rarely get so see the sights and sounds of the places I travel to. That’s reality.

This is especially sad as I sometimes I would die to take my camera and roam the streets of the cities I travel to. To experience and capture life.

I can write a book about meeting rooms in this world. And the views from them, as long as they have one. You won’t believe how many windowless meeting rooms there are.

That’s for the most part the reality to my business travels. First you are imprisoned in a steel tube. Then you are imprisoned in a meeting room. But I love my job. And the best thing is the feeling of safely returning home to the ones I love.

Have a great day!


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  3. So true, I’m an event manager who regularly travelled internationally for work- everyone thinks it sounds so glamorous but the reality is you are lugging banners and conference papers from the airport to yet another hotel! The good thing about business travel for me though was the frequent flyer points which I use for personal trips! Hope you & your camera get out on those streets soon!

  4. This is very interesting to read! I am and have been very curious about jobs that allow travel, I am torn as you are always on the go but you do get to see quite a lot! Thanks for the insight

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Glad you found this helpful. Like many other things, business travel has its pros and cons. Right now I’m fighting a nasty cold that I’ve had for two weeks, and I just can’t get rid of due to constant air travel which is a killer when you’re not healthy. Then again, who gets to be in Portland, Los Angeles and Dallas all inside one week.

  5. Hi
    great post!! we are a family of three (7 yo daughter)traveling and volunteering around the world. We have a website/blog, but is hard work to keep update, and your suggestions make sense. We started as just fun/record for family and friends, but now we would like to change it and get some sponsors/money to keep on traveling and helping. Thanks for the reality check 😉 we’ll keep trying.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I would actually love to travel more for business. I guess there is this dream of ‘traveling’ while working. I bet it can get really old if you are just rushed from meeting to meeting — still…to be paid to go somewhere new. 💖

    1. Thanks for taking the time for visiting and commenting, Lindsey. There are pro’s and con’s to everything, also to business travel. Even when rushed and not having any time to take in the sights and sounds, there is still the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting people, and even that is worth all the hassle of business travel. Marcus

  7. I thought about what you wrote. It’s not an easy job to travel all the time; eventually it’s getting probably a little bit boring but what is great about your job that you have so many different and wonderful experiences.

    And can share with us your unique photos like this one!

  8. “And sure, each trip at least contains on nice dinner to a local restaurant, so food wise I’m getting spoiled (which also has its serious disadvantages).”

    Ah, the dangers of the expense account. I trained for a job in Portland, Maine many years ago. A serious foodie town. Had to battle weight problems for years after!

  9. That’s sad indeed, but I know from friends that that’s indeed the reality. Even her evenings are taken by customers taking her to places of THEIR choice…

  10. I’ve always loved to travel (grew up in a military family) and knew I wanted to have a job that included travel. The reality is the way you describe it. Now my vision is to include travel in my own business. I like the experience- the food, the locals, the culture, the off beaten path. I didn’t get to experience any of that with corporate traveling. Ideally, the plan is to homeschool my kids and take my family on adventures wherever work takes us. For me, that means having time to drive to where we are going, enjoying the ride and stops along the way, and doing the same for the next location.

    May you be able to enjoy the world outside of the cage 😉

    1. Hi Niki, I hope you can make your vision reality, as your plan sounds excellent. Traveling, seeing new pieces of the world and meeting all different kinds of people broaden ones horizons and enrich life so much. I would really love to at one point in my life do something professionally with my love for photography and travel as well. We should always try to pursue our visions. And thanks for the follow 🙂

      1. I’m taking small steps in that direction regularly 🙂 Working on taking bigger strides so it happens sooner rather than later. I agree, travel enriches life tremendously. You’re an amazing photographer, may you find the balance that fulfills you and supports you on your personal and professional path. My pleasure, so glad you found me!

  11. Sehr gut! Ein Bild darf auch mal Kopfschmerzen verursachen ;-)) Ich hab ne Weile gebraucht bis ich das einigermaßen realistisch zusammenflicken konnte. Das ist eine Kunst, sowas zu sehen und dann auch umzusetzen. Hat mich gepackt! 😉

    1. Danke 🙂 ! Auch wenn ich keine Kamera dabei habe ertappe ich mich ständig, nach Formen, Kontrasten, Linien, Objekten etc. zu scannen, aus denen man ein Foto machen könnte. So was wie dieses Bild springt mich dann richtig an. Irgendwie muss ich dann doch knipsen, habe eigentlich immer irgendeine Kamera dabei, zur Not tut’s das iPhone. Natürlich kommt dann auch viel Schrott raus. Aber der Vorgang selber entspannt und befriedigt in dem Moment.

  12. Even though it is a beautiful shot, the thought of being surrounded by cities, by metal and glass, people, suits and ties and office rooms….. I don’t know how you do it!!

    1. Well, it has its advantages too 😉 . I live in a small village in the outskirts of Nuremberg and the woods start right behind our house. I love my green and being able to walk in the forest in whatever weather. Sometimes I really have the desire to escape from it all and live in a cabin in a remote wilderness for weeks at a time to unwind. But I love the city life, I guess this is why I’m more a Street Photographer.

  13. Well, imprisoned or not- you got a good shot. Hey, it’s a poem! Sorry you don’t get to venture out much when you travel for work- but loving your job is so great. Nice photo. I love the look of it. Believe it or not when I lived in the snow, more than half of the sunset, mountain or sky photos I took were from our front window. We had an awesome view, but it was so cold out there and then you lose the view too, because we were on the 3rd floor. But I can relate to the imprisoned thing.

    1. Thanks 🙂 ! Taking this shot, this instant of creativity felt really good. Sitting at the meeting room table I visualized it for two days until in a break I got up and took it. I get what you say regarding your front window. I consciously look out of my home and office windows to take in how the scenery looks each day. It is amazing how much variances there are in light, clouds, textures. You just need to be open to the beauty in the ordinary.

  14. I can relate with you and traveled a lot as I had my own store. Same thing, conferences with too little time to play. Still it allows a certain amount of freedom that can’t be denied and there is always an up and downside to everything.
    Great capture once again and love the monochrome drama added to this scene. Makes prison appear as a serious contender 😉

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. You’re totally right with the certain amount of freedom that comes with travel. Although it is sometimes really strenuous and I’m always glad when I return home I get itchy when I don’t have it. A job where I only sit at a desk would surely kill me. At least once a month I need to get out.

    1. Hi Vicki, thank you, this means a lot! It would be so nice to meet you and your husband in person and I will take you up on it. There is a good chance I’ll be in Miami sometime in Spring.

      During Football Season my heart is in South Florida every Sunday, as for 32 years I’m a for the most part frustrated but faithful fan of the ‘Fins, and I watch each game.

      Sunny Greetings from Paris (only the airport 😉 )

  15. Love the photo. It reminds me of my previous life and what I used to see when I’d look up from my meetings. Sometimes it was easier to have window-less meeting rooms. Hope you had a chance to sneak out and see NYC for Christmas.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment😊🙏! I saw the tops of Empire State Building and One World Trade Center from the distance, but that was it. No regrets though, I’ve scated the Ice Ring in front of the New York Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center a few years ago on another trip. Still remember the magic of it!

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