Happy New Year from the Streets of Nuremberg

Happy New Year
Happy New Year | Steindorf | 2017

Wish all my friends a blessed, happy, marvelous, successful, beautiful, inspirational, wonderful and healthy 2017! Have a great year!


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    1. Thanks so much for the follow, Marion 🙂 ! Your great travel tips in exchange for a few photography tips is a very good deal 😉 ! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have specific photography questions! Marcus

      1. Thank you – will do. I use a LUMIX TZ80 camera as I like something small to keep with me all the time. I upgraded to this model last summer and have been pleased with the results for its size. It is much better than my previous camera for night time and moving image shots. Kind Regards, M.

  1. Ein wunderbares Jahr für Dich und Deine Familie wünsche ich Dir,lieber Marcus.Das Photo ist wunderbar,voller Lachen und glücklichen Augen,wunderschön.Die liebsten Grüsse und ein Prosit Neujahr.

      1. Saw it and ❤️❤️❤️ it so much! Thanks so much for it! Wish you and everyone around you a blessed 2017! May there be happiness, luck and health for you, and many many inspirational and creative moments! Marcus

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