Have a great Festive Season !

Magic of the Festive Season

This weekend marks the start of the festive season, with the opening of Christmas Markets everywhere. While for most adults it is rather a busy and often stressful time I will always remember the magic that the “Adventszeit” as it is called in German Language brought for me when I was a child as well as for my children when they were young. I wish all of you a peaceful and and happy festive season! And enjoy all the great opportunity it brings on for us photographers!


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    1. Thanks so much for the wishes! Relax will be difficult has I have a trip to Dallas scheduled this week and another US trip to NYC on my agenda next week. But spending time with friends in their mountain hut near Innsbruck this past weekend helped me unwinding a bit. Take care!

  1. I just heard the 2 neighbor girls singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, and remembered when I sang it to my daughters in front of the department store windows with each verse displayed!

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