Night Photography

Night of the Senses

Nacht der Sinne 2017 Neumarkt Opf

1/100 sec @ f/3,2 and ISO 2000 – 20mm focal length

Saturday night we visited a street festival in Neumarkt, a town of 40.000 with a historic city center between Nuremberg and Regensburg. The event was called the “Night of the Senses”, and combined late night shopping (everything was open until 11pm) with many performances of bands and artists and ample opportunity for food and drinks. While my significant other thought shopping I brought along my Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom. For more photos of this event plus some explanations around my late night street photography continue after the jump…. (more…)

It’s time to Dance

Purple Way

1/80 sec @ f/2 and ISO 500, 17mm focal length

Slowly, very slowly, the signs of the nearing summer are appearing in Germany. It’s getting warm enough to start spending the weekend evenings comfortable out in the streets. Street festivals are happening everywhere so there is no reason to stay home. Grab the camera and get out there. It’s time to dance the streets 🙂

It's time to Dance

1/60sec @ f/1,8 and ISO500, 17mm focal length

Both photos were shot with the Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 17mm F/1.8.

Don’t miss my collection of free photography tips and inspirations in my new Learning Center.

Have a great Sunday!


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Willamette Blue Hour

River Blues

River Blues | Portland | 2017

I successfully made it through the week and am now looking forward to a weekend in the Pacific Northwest. After work I drove into downtown for some later afternoon and blue hour shooting. Still fighting some jet lag after arriving in Portland two days ago  I’m much too tired to post process my photos, but after a quick scan I send all of us into a well deserved weekend with a photo I took on the famous Steel Bridge that crosses the Willamette River and provides great views across the river towards Broadway-and Fremont Bridges in the upcoming dusk.

Tomorrow I head out to the Oregon Shores of the Pacific Ocean. I’m so much looking forward to it!

The above photo was taken with the Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom, specs are 1/25 sec @ f/2.8 and ISO 1600, handheld.

Have a great weekend!


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Aurea Borealis

Aurea Borealis | Northern Atlantic | 2017

I know this is not the prettiest of photos. I took it handheld with 1/2 sec shutter speed and a whopping ISO 25600. Out of the window of an airliner that was shaking from light turbulence. But for me it meant the world. Just a week after crossing off two items from my bucket list when skiing on Mount Hood I saw the very first Northern Lights of my life. And this was in the top 3 of my list. It came upon me out of the night sky 38.000 feet above the Northern Atlantic. For the full story and a few more images continue reading after the jump…


On the Streets of Portland again

Portland Color Night Steet Photography

On Target | Portland | 2017

Back in the Rose City, staying once more at the Heathman Hotel on Portland’s Broadway. The week was all work without as much as a chance to touch my camera, but Friday night I took the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 along while going to the Target supermarket in Morrison Street to by myself some basic supplies (there is just no way eating out every night on a two-week business trip). The above photo I took in front of one of the shop windows of the Target. I loved the lady boxer, positioned myself at the rail of the city train station tin my back and then it was just a matter of the right person walking by. I took the image at 1/80 sec @ f/5 and ISO 1000 with 30mm focal length. For a fe more photos continue after the jump…


Portland Monochrome Nocturnal Streets

Portland Monochrome Night Steet Photography

1/40 sec @ f/2.8 and ISO 1600 – 12mm focal length

The other day my significant other, sharp as ever, asked me why I have called my blog the “Streets of Nuremberg” when lately the contents is mostly about other places (I wonder how she found out, as she merely tolerates my photographic ventures she’s also not following my blog). Well, the answer is simple. Because Nuremberg is my hometown that I love, where I live and that I love to shoot in. And at the time I started and named my blog my work situation didn’t require all that much of travel. I work in the field of mergers and acquisitions (rather doing the integration part of it) and this is a very cyclic business, there are times with low project volume and then there are times like now where the job that pays the bills requires me to be on the road the majority of the time. And lately (and for the foreseeable future) one of my principal destinations is Portland, Oregon, as I work a major project there.

But here is the nice thing about my passion for photography and my blogging, I can take it everywhere I am. So this post is a perfect example about doing photography on a business trip. Working long hours when on project, I need to make use of the evenings to go out shooting. In this case I left the hotel around 9pm to take a tour through the nocturnal streets of the City of Roses, as Portland is also called. For more about my venture and for the images I invite you to continue reading and looking after the jump…


Portland Pill Hill Evening Views


Portland Aerial Tram Upper Station | 1/40 sec @ f/2.8 and ISO 1600

Today is March 1st. Technically we are in Spring now. Although it doesn’t show here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s freezing cold and it’s still raining. As promised in my last post I’m showing a few more photographs I took on Portland’s “Pill Hill” the other night. Marquam Hill, as the real name is, provides for some spectacular views across downtown, the Willamette River with its many bridges and on clear days onwards to Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. Join me for some evening views of Portland by continue to read after the jump….


The Streets of Portland – Finally


Marquam Bridge | Portland | 2017

Here it is, my first real photo of the Streets of Portland, literally. Last night after work I drove up the South Portland’s Marquam Hill (aka Pill Hill), where the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)  and the Portland VA Medical Center operate large hospitals, whose modern architecture is quite fascinating of its own. But my real target was the upper station of the Portland Aerial Tram, from which you have a stunning view across downtown, the Willamette River with its many bridges and on clear days onwards to Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. I found free parking behind the Doernbechers Children’s Hospital and walked over to the Tram Station.

I knew that from the station there is this great view of Interstates 405 and 5 merging and crossing the Willamette River on the Marquam Bridge. And this is the photo I really wanted to take. So I brought the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the mZuiko 40-150mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom and my Rollei travel tripod. Temperatures last night where just above freezing and there was a nasty rainfall. Camera and lens are waterproof, so that was more of a problem for me with my thin and not waterproof jacket. The good thing was that inside the Tram Station I was protected by the roof. I put the tripod on the railing at the far end that is open towards city and river, and snapped away. The photo came out just as I had hoped for. Image specs were 8 seconds (to capture the light trails of the traffic crossing the bridge), f/10 and ISO 200. Focal length was the far end of my zoom at 150mm (equals 300mm in full frame) and I used the 2sec self timer of the camera to avoid any shake after pressing the shutter.

This is a good example of a planned shot, where you have in mind what you want to do and then just execute.

I took a few more photos on Marquam Hill, but need time to process and edit, A post will follow. And then of course I need to really hit the Streets of Portland. But due to a full business agenda this might have to wait until my next trip.

Have a great day!


Update 3/15: Entering this shot in the WP Weekly Photo Challenge “Atop”

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Instant Inspiration (10) – Nocturnal Skyline

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek | Hong Kong | 2 sec @ f/3.5 and ISO 100

The perfect way to start into February  is with Episode 10 of my Instant Inspirations (links to previous editions at the end of this post). Today I talk a bit about photographing nocturnal skylines and want to provide you with some inspirations to give your skyline photography some fresh angles, which of course would be also valid for shooting skylines during the day. To find out more about how you can bring some new life into your city skylines continue reading after the jump….


Monday Mountains (2)

Giant under the Stars

Giant under the Stars | Germany | 2009

I never expected the positive response to my first “Monday Mountains” post last week, showing an areal view of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya. So here is the second edition. As my blog is running on CET this post might actually show as being published on Tuesday, but as I’m currently on a business trip to Los Angeles this technically is still Monday evening due to the nine-hour time difference. So it counts 😉 ….

The mountain depicted here is the Watzmann,  a mountain in the Bavarian Alps south of the village of Berchtesgaden.  Rising to 2713 meters (8900 feet) it is the third highest peak in Germany, and the highest located entirely on German territory.

As in last weeks Monday Mountains I gave some tips towards shooting out of an airplane window, this week I can give you some inspirations towards night photography. When I took this image of Mt. Watzmann from the balcony of a hotel room in Berchtesgaden it was actually pitch dark outside. Mounted on a tripod I set my Nikon D80 (that I was using back then) to an exposure time of 164 seconds, so almost three minutes. The f-stop (aperture) was f/5. As the camera was mounted on a tripod I used the lowest ISO of 100 for maximum image quality. I used self timer (2 seconds) to avoid any camera shake after pressing the shutter. Due to the long exposure time the star trails also nicely appeared in the night sky.

The details that come out of a long exposure night photography are simply amazing. Moonlight is very soft, so it maximizes the textures that come out of an image. You have to try this!

Have a great week!


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