Kissed By The Light And Happy

Aurea Borealis
Aurea Borealis | Northern Atlantic | 2018

I made it safely to Amsterdam, where I will be stuck for the next eight hours due to my canceled flight to Nuremberg. I tried various options to get home earlier, but nothing worked out. I hope that at least my 16:45 flight is on time so I make it to the birthday party of  a good friend the Significant Other and I are invited to.

But at least the heaven tried to cheer me up, and this with much success. I was kissed by a magic heavenly light show high above the Northern Atlantic, just as the Delta Airbus left North Western Canada (Baffin Island) for Greenland. And this time I saw the inflight Northern Lights sitting on the right side of the plane, the window facing south. For my how-to and more photos continue after the jump…


Aurea Borealis
Aurea Borealis | Northern Atlantic | 2018

Photographing the Aurea turned out to be a bit challenging. Think about it, you shoot out if a moving airplane through a plastic window reflecting cabin lighting into a more or less dark night sky. I had my OM-D E-M1 with the 12-100 F/4 next to me. So I piled up my blanket onto the armrest below the window, but the camera on top with the lens almost touching the window, closed the shades from the top down until it touched the lens barrel, piled my sweater onto of the camera to block out any light reflections from inside the cabin and shot, checking the images through the tilted LCD screen that stuck out from underneath the sweater. Not perfect, but the best I could do. I dialed in 2.5 sec of shutter speed, cranked up the ISO to 6400 at shot wide open at f/4 with the zoom set to wide angle at 12mm. E voilà! I’m quite happy with what I captured, considering a 2.5 sec exposure in a shaking airplane without any tripod.

Aurea Borealis
Aurea Borealis | Northern Atlantic | 2018
Aurea Borealis
Aurea Borealis | Northern Atlantic | 2018

The heavenly light show lasted about 45 minutes. I got the green version, as well as purple and white. Totally amazing! I saw more Aurea Borealis later in the flight close to Iceland, but it wasn’t as intense.

Seeing the inflight Polar Lights again really made my night! Kissed by the light and happy!

Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing, the images and the making of these amazing images! I’d love to get to see the Northern Lights one day, too. A magical display of light and color(s). Fantastic!

    1. I keep my fingers crossed you get to see them one day, Alina! Thanks for your kind words! I hope when doing a NYC trip with my wife in two weeks, we are lucky again and I can show them to her! Am I getting greedy?

  2. One thing I hope to see is the Northern Lights, the vibrant colours that you saw look amazing. I love the effort you took to make sure the lights from the plane didn’t get onto the photos. I did a similar thing when I was up in Scotland, I pressed the camera against the window and covered it with a scarf to block out any reflections.

    I hope you have a nice flight back to Nuremberg!

  3. Even though I haven’t seen this magical light show in person, It feels like I have seen it, thank you for sharing. Aurora is hard to capture yet you manage to get a beautiful photo.

  4. Great capture, Marcus. At least you don’t have to travel to Scandinavia or Iceland for northern lights

      1. Ah! Looks like you saved yourself money and trouble. I’m happy that you got to see it without any pains of travel. Kind of perks of traveling! Great!

  5. What a “lucky” capture. Seriously, the photos are beautiful Marcus! I hope you made it home in time for the party. At least the sky tried to make up for the airline’s annoyances. 😉

  6. Marcus, thank you for capturing this fantastic light show. You did a fantastic job in getting such quality shots. Not a full compensation for not having your connecting flight available but…. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ha ha Marcus, you saw more than I did when I was in Iceland, some people who left the ship saw some, but too much light around the ship to see any…….so I have really enjoyed your photos 🙂 Lynne

  8. The lights are amazing and you did great under the circumstances! I caught a gorgeous sunset last Sunday as we landed in San Jose. Not as rare, but very beautiful, too.

  9. Spectacular! We had a layover in Amsterdam as well, although for a few days & we loved it. We’ll go back but we certainly didn’t get to see this! Great captures!

  10. Kissed by the light is right, Wow! Wonderful experience. Makes me happy just to view your photos. Lucky day!

  11. Lucky you! You picked a good Aurora night with KP4-5! Glad you got to see the lights again but very sorry that you are stuck in Amsterdam. The weather forecast could be better for the south of Germany. Maybe you can go and explore a little!? LG aus dem verschneiten und bitterkalten Erfurt

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