A weekend in La Superba

The Man and the Lion
Lion’s Gaze | Genoa | 2020

A few days ago, The Significant Other and I headed down to Genoa to spend a weekend in La Suberba, as the ancient Italian Marine Republic at the Ligurian coast is affectionately called. And a good opportunity for some candid street photography…

Six Legs
Six Legs | Genoa | 2020

Having lived in Genoa from 2001 to 2005, returning to La Superba for us is always like returning home. Besides always visiting with many dear friends we still have there, the hometown of Christopher Columbus is always a great place to do street shooting in the historic city center, inserted onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006. 

Empty Church Door
Opposite Directions | Genoa | 2020

The harsh summer sun is always providing awesome light for some high contrast monochrome photography, as the lights and shadows between the old buildings are providing a great background for the scenes of Italian life that unfold in front of the lens.

Zebra Shopping
Zebra Shopping | Genoa | 2020
Shopping Vault
Shopping Vault | Genoa | 2020

Besides visiting with the many dear friends we still have down there, we always enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, the sun and the warmth around the year, the sights and sounds of the historic coastal city and the awesome Italien food.

The photographs were all taken with a vintage Fujifilm X-Pro1 (2012) that I recently acquired on ebay for cheap money, because I always wanted to try out a Fuji X series cam. But more on this in a separate post.

Wish you a great Thursday!


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  1. I am diehard fan of your photography
    And self acclaimed student of yours and apply your tips to my photography. I am an hobbyist but improvement is welcome everywhere.

    1. Grazie, Matteo, very much appreciated. As always, we had an awesome time in La Superba. And getting fresh Focaccia is the first thing we do each morning! Returning home to Germany, we always have to bring some for our kids, who grew up with Focaccia as children when we lived in Genoa.

  2. Those arches are so intriguing! Reminds me a bit of the mosque in Cordoba…the pattern and those tall columns. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Linda, appreciate your comment. Going shopping under the arcades is always a fun part when in Genoa. There are many buildings and churches with those black and white patterns in Liguria. Stay safe! Marcus

  3. Takes me back to our time in Pisa and Riomaggiore in September last year. Ahhhh, the good old days. Glad you had a chance to get out for a break. Allan

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