Inflight Polar Lights

Polar Lights

Polar Lights | Northern Atlantic | 2017

Last night it happened again. During my crossing of the Northern Atlantic on a Delta flight from Portland to Amsterdam I was blessed with another of nature’s most magic light shows, the Aurea Borealis.

Please excuse that the photographs I took with my little Ricoh GR II are not the sharpest. I took the photos out of a slightly shaking airplane with 6 seconds shutter speed and ISO 3200, the camera resting on a book I put onto the pillow I stuffed between seat and window. All I could do. But I wanted to share the magic of that moment.

I was consciously looking for the Northern Lights, as a fellow blogger currently on the ground in Norway captured them the night before. So I made sure I had a window seat on the left side, facing north. And then it was just a matter of waiting (and not falling asleep). And I got indeed lucky! More than enough compensation for the stress of a 4 day US trip.

Polar Lights

Polar Lights | Northern Atlantic |2017

Polar Lights

Polar Lights | Northern Atlantic | 2017

Have a splendid weekend!


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  1. Amazing that you saw this and captured it so perfectly. I️ have seen northern lights once flying and it did not look anywhere close to your photos. What an amazing experience!


  2. Truly magic! I cannot believe I missed these (I flew the day before from Boston to Munich). The thought – seeing inflight polar lights- never crossed my mind. Too bad! But I am wiser. Now. For the next time. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful (the lights and your pics).

    By the way – 4 weeks ago I was in Nürnberg for the first time. Since I was there for business I had little time to explore your city but I liked what I saw and will come back with more time and only for pleasure. 😁

    Have a wonderful sunday!


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Annett. I keep fingers crossed that you see them next time on a night flight!

      Next time you make it to Nuremberg let me know. It would be nice to meet a fellow blogger for a coffee 🙂

      Have a great week! Marcus

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  3. You are a lucky man, Marcus. This is really special indeed and the images are spectacular and fabulous captured under the special circumstances. Have a great and sunny weekend.

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  4. Super! Ich freu mich für dich das du deine zweiten Nordlichter gesehen hast! Meine Aurora-app hatte für Mittwoch bis morgen super viel Nordlichtaktivität vorausgesagt. Leider ist es seit gestern bewölkt in Norwegen!

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