Happy Mayday from the Streets of Nuremberg

Scheune mit Kirschblüte

Happy Mayday from the Streets of Nuremberg! I’m really enjoying downtime with the family on this long weekend, as the first day of May is a public holiday in Germany. To kick off the new month photographically, I’ll take you on a small hike around the village of Oberhembach, just a few kilometers away from where we live. This is the prefect time of the year to just wander around and enjoy the springtime landscape, the fresh green around the little ponds outside the villages, the cherry and apple blossoms on the trees next to the half timbered farm houses, the chirping of the birds in the large pine forests that are spreading out around Nuremberg. Wanderlust around home. To get more impressions of a typical landscape and village outside Nuremberg, continue after the jump…..

See bei Oberhembach, Oberpfalz

Wanderung um Oberhembach

Kiefernwald bei Oberhembach

Bauernhaus in Oberhembach

Bauernhaus in Oberhembach

Bauernhaus in Oberhembach

Gasthaus Nerreter, Oberhembach

Kirschblüte bei Oberhembach



Wish you all a Happy Mayday and a great new month of photography!


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  1. Nice capture of the village! Looks like a fun place to visit. I always am cheered up when I see how you sign off!! “Happy May Day,” etc. It makes my day! I also hope you have a great month of photography, etc.

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  2. Thank you for the lovely photos, we visit Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria every year. We drive down and pass through so many beautiful old towns and villages, we come off the autobahn at different exits each year, so we can visit new places on the way. I just love the old farmhouses that sit in the middle of the villages, with the chickens just strolling around and the buildings look like they haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Happy May Day Marcus, Lynne 🙂

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      1. Thank you Marcus, it would be wonderful to met up, we normally visit about October time. Anyway I will let you know nearer the time. We haven’t visited Nuremberg yet, so it would be a good chance to have a look 🙂 Lynne

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      2. That would be wonderful Marcus, we have been to Munich so many times now, a new city would be great and to be shown around by a local and a fellow photographer….fantastic. We are quite flexible to when we can come in October, so nearer the time, we will just have to make sure you will be around…..most likely a weekend day would be better for you. Anyway still a long way to go yet and a few trips before then, but it soon comes around, Lynne 🙂

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  3. Deine Photos sind unglaublich schön.Sie bekommen alle den ersten Preis.Meinen Glückwunsch,und herzlichsten Dank für das Zeigen.Liebe Grüsse ,und ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie einen wunderbaren Monat Mai.

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  4. Lovely, wonderful, fantastic photos! I love the chickens against the rustic backdrop of – what? An old farm house? And in the one photo – is that a different way of stacking firewood? I can’t quite tell if that’s what I’m seeing.

    The reflection on the water and those gorgeous blossoms in the first photo. Wow.

    Good stuff!


    1. Thanks, Markesha, much appreciated. That means I need to post more pictures from Nuremberg / Germany and not so many from the US as I do these days due to my project in Portland 😉 ! Don’t we all want to have summer houses in places we like to travel to? Happy Monday to you too. Marcus

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