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True Fans | Marseille | 2016

True Fans | Marseille | 2016

The World Cup has kicked off in Russia. Soccer is the national sport of Germany, and 80 Million head coaches are trying to figure out the best starting lineup for the first match of the defending World Champion on Sunday versus Mexico.

As I write this I’m sitting on my couch and watch the match of tournament favorite France playing the Soccaroos from Australia. Amazingly, they are tied at 1:1 going into the last 15 minutes.

I enjoy the downtime after a rough week in the office, made worse by some serious IT issues with my work laptop. Working privately on Mac infrastructure, I’m always amazed by the low cost / low quality equipment they give us to work with 10 hours a day.  Ridiculous.

Late for the Game | Marseille | 2016

Late for the Game | Marseille | 2016

These soccer street photos  I took when visiting the Euro 2016 semifinal match between France and Germany in Toulouse. Camera was the PEN-F and the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4-5.6 I used as travel all-purpose lens back then, now replaced with the 12-100 F/4.

Wish you a great weekend, and if you are soccer fan, a great start into the World Cup. May the best teams win….

Will catch up with comments and everybody’s blogs on the weekend!

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You’ve got a Friend

You've got a Friend

You’ve got a friend | Gosausee | 2018 | 1/125 sec @ f/5.6 and ISO 200

“You’ve got a friend” is a great song by Carol King. If you don’t know it, look it up on Youtube. Big Girl got a new friend while hiking on Lake Gosau in the Austrian Alps this afternoon. The butterfly initially was attracted by Grandma’s shoes, then hopped over onto the legs of The Significant Other. Then he transferred himself onto the fingers of Big Girl. He sat on her hands for a good 15 minutes. Amazing….

These two photographs show the versatility of my Olympus 12-100mm F/4 lens I had on the OM-D E-M1. The focal length of the first photo was 24mm (48mm full frame equivalent), the photo below was taken with 61mm (122 full frame equivalent).  There are still people disputing the capabilities of the micro4/3 system. That you can’t shoot photos with a nice bokeh with these small sensors. Well, keep carrying those heave full frame bodies and those big heavy lenses….if you like 😉

Saturday Chill

Saturday Chill | Gosausee | 2018 | 1/160 sec @ f/4.5 and ISO 200

This is the 400th post on the Streets of  Nuremberg. What a journey it has been 🙂

Wish you a great Sunday


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Headin’ Home

Headin' Home | Seattle | 2018

Headin’ Home | Seattle | 2018

There is the saying that every journey starts with the first step with putting the sunglasses on your nose. That’s what I will do today, as in about three hours I will head to PDX airport for my flight back home. Well, home is not exactly right, as in Amsterdam I will make a connection to Zurich where I will meet The Significant Other and the Big Boy at the house of friends, where we spend the weekend. Weather in Switzerland should be nice as well, so I might keep the sunglasses on all the way 😉

Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 12-100 mm F/4. Image specs are 1/500 sec @f/5.6 and ISO 200.

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Wish you a great Thursday!


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NYC Experience – Lady Liberty

Liberty Flag

Liberty Flag | New York City | 2018

The most iconic monument in New York City is doubtless Lady Liberty, the most famous statue of the world, guarding the entrance to New York harbor since 1886. For a bit more history about the Statue of Liberty, info about our visit and more photographs, continue after the jump…. (more…)