StoNur on the Road – African Primary School

Siblings | Maremi | Tanzania | 2016

One of the things I observed during my stay in Tanzania were the many primary schools and young students roaming the streets. The Government seriously pushes for all kids to get education, and even in remote areas outside the cities the children have their primary schools. 

During one of our tours out of Moshi we also went to Muikwa and up the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro where we took a stroll on a small path through lush vegetation and little coffee and banana farms left and right the way. An even in this remote area all of a sudden a wild and laughing group of young kids in their uniforms came downhill towards us.

Young Students | Maremi |Tanzania | 2016

Communication obviously was limited to smiles and waving hands and their curious looks in the display of my camera that got them really exited. While the little students disappeared into the settlements left and right of the path we continued a bit uphill were we found their school, the Maremi Primary School.

With no-one to be seen late in the afternoon we strolled around and took a closer look at this little African Primary School on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. But see for yourself….

Maremi Primary School |Tanzania | 2016


Maremi Primary School | Tanzania | 2016


Maremi Primary School | Tanzania | 2016


Maremi Primary School | Tanzania | 2016


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