Rome Sweet Rome

Pantheon Rome
Pantheon | Rome | 2013

Rome Sweet Rome ! I haven’t been to this magic city in what seems like ages. Inspired by a movie that The Significant Other and I did watch last night, I decided to revisit some old photographs from our last visit back in 2013 and put the RAW files (that I always keep) through some modern day post-processing.

Forum Romanum - Rome
Forum Romanum | Rome | 2013
Fontana di Trevi Rome
Fontana di Trevi | Rome | 2013
Ponte Sant'Angelo
Ponte Sant’Angelo |  Rome | 2013

Back in 2013 I was photographing with my first micro four thirds camera, the original Olympus OM-D E-M5, with the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4-5.6 travel zoom. The camera died a few years later with a sensor failure, the 14-150mm is still in my lens drawer, but since has been replaced with the 12-100mm F/4 as my main travel all purpose lens.

I’m looking at my old pictures much too seldom. Those from Rome Sweet Rome brought back happy memories from some warm, pleasant summer evenings in one of the most fascinating cities on this planet. We all should treat us to some throw-back days more often.

if you want to pick up your camera on the weekend and are still looking for some tips and inspirations around photography, check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a great Saturday.


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  1. Very strong images from Rome, Marcus. Do you use Luminar for post processing? I’ll pop over to the learning centre right now. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing that you can make people feel like they’re seeing a place for the very first time, even if they’ve been before! These are wonderful, Marcus.

  3. I like the dramatic processing you did on these – I bet you had fun! The light is beautiful. It’s funny that 2013 is “ages ago” in terms of photography, but that’s the way it is. I hope the old EM-5 we bought (used) recently will not fail in the next few months, because I plan to bring it with me to Vietnam in March. I’m using it now and it seems fine but the idea of a sensor failure is scary. I have the same zoom you used back in 2013 but I hesitate to take it since it’s so bulky. I can’t afford to buy the 12-10mm f4. I’d love to just get by with something like the 17mm f1.8 or the 45m f1.8 but I know I’ll want the extra zoom sometimes. Maybe I have to bite the bullet and bring the 14-150. Thinking out loud here, thanks for listening, Marcus, and Happy Sunday to you!

    1. How great you get to go to Vietnam, Lynn, you have my fullest envy! Don’t worry, the E-M5 will do fine. Do bring the 14-150 in addition to the 17mm and 45mm. The primes will do you a greta job as well, but the versatility of a travel zoom can’t be beat. And, compared to the 12-100 F/4 or the 40-150 F/2.8 the 14-150 is a lightweight! Maybe one day you can pick up a used 12-100. And thanks for commenting on my Rome images, I had a blast with the processing! Marcus

      1. It’s good to have your input. I agree on having a zoom, just wish it wasn’t so big – and I know it’s very lightweight compared to most of them. 🙂 I’m going to be thinking about this until the day I pack and have to make a decision, I suppose. We’re looking forward to the trip!

    1. Thanks, Ishita. It was a German TV production of a family moving to Rome and coping with Italian life. But it could have been also Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love” with Alec Baldwin and Penélope Cruz – a brilliant movie. Marcus

    1. It was a German TV production of a family moving to Rome and coping with Italian life. But it could have been also Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love” with Alec Baldwin and Penélope Cruz – a brilliant movie with great cineastic views of Rome. Thanks for commenting, Cornelia! Marcus

  4. A truly enjoyable time I had looking through this post. Beautiful photos of centuries worth of human history. I appreciated that you looked back on these. Reminders of past experiences are a good thing….

  5. Always enjoy Rome photos! What I found most challenging last time we went was the light difference between the sky and the shady streets, to the point that in the end I was just leaving the sky out 😂😂

    1. Thanks, Andy, much appreciated! Especially in the summer the contrast are murderous! If you don’t want to play with light and shadow, it is great advice to leave out the sky! Marcus

  6. Nice images and nice light, too! I’d love to visit Rome one day. Also, I do agree that it’s good, as a photographer, to revisit older images. I do that sometimes, with my images and writing, for inspiration, when getting ready to work on a new project, and so on. It’s good for the heart, soul, and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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