My photographic journey through 2019 (5)

Monochrome street photograph of two lady throwing a dirty look

The last day of 2019 is upon us, and so the last episode of my five-part series looking back at my photographic ventures during the past year. And as the “Streets of Nuremberg” are principally a street photography blog, here are my fav street images of 2019…

Monochrome street photograph of a passenger in an airliner

Street Photography is my true passion, capturing life as it happens, wherever it happens. I can do it while traveling on business, while going shopping with The Significant Other, or wherever I happen to be. I just need a small camera (for street shooting I mainly use the Olympus PEN-F with the fabulous mZuiko 17mm F/1.2), but even my iPhone will do.

Street photograph of two Mafia type persons talking too each other
Monochrome street photograph of two people standing in front of an illuminated sign
Monochrome street photograph of pretty girl
Monochrome street photograph of a passing beauty
Monochrome street photograph of a lady playing cards
Street photograph of a vendor

I’m always shooting in the open, never sneaky, and I love when I can interact with my subjects, before or after a making the image. People are much more open to having their picture taken than you would imagine. A smile, a gesture, and a friendly word. 19 of 20 persons don’t reject me when I ask/signal my intentions.

Street photograph of a vendor in Amman
Street photograph of a man looking at the camera
Street photograph of an Indian man sitting on a cart
Street photograph of laughing Indian school girls

While street photography was not my main focus during this year, it is still my first photographic love, and I bagged myself a few nice images and some great experiences interacting with my subjects. If you haven’t tried your hands at it, you should. You can find plenty tips in my free Learning Center.

I hope you enjoyed my five part series about my photographic work in 2019. All in all, I’m quite happy

Here are the direct links to part 1 (objects), part 2 (Nuremberg), part 3 (people/events) and part 4 (travel) of my 2019 review posts.

Now lets get ready for 2020 and a new year (and even decade) of photography!

Wish you a great last day of 2019!


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  1. Yeah, I guess we do have the same interest. Street photography is awesome because everything looks so real wether its d buildings or the people, it just looks so natural and real without being edited.

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