The young have fun

Loughing girls
1/125 sec | f/6.3 | ISO 200 | 100mm

Grey days? Who cares! Freezing temperatures? Comfy and warm clothes. The young have fun on the Streets of Nuremberg, and don’t mind the dull weather.

Threesome Teens
1/1600 sec | f/4 | ISO 6400 | 92mm

Look at the ISO of the image above…6400. It gave me a shutter speed of 1/1600 sec. Needed to capture the stationary teens? Absolutely not. Then why did I dial in this crazy high ISO? Simple answer – and always a good lessons learned: I forgot to check my settings. I was experimenting shooting fast flying seagulls before, where I wanted to freeze the lightning fast birds. And then forget to go back to my regular street shooting settings. I noticed only a few shots later……not good.

Girls just wanna have fun
1/200 sec | f/4 | ISO 1250 | 100mm
Ginger Teen
1/200 | f/4 | ISO 1600 | 100mm

While processing the RAW’s in Lightroom Classic I experimented with some different presets, hence the copper tone look.

For tips and inspirations around photography check out my free Learning Center. Or you take out your camera, head to the streets of your town and capture how the young have fun!

Wish you a happy Sunday!


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29 thoughts on “The young have fun

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  1. I really like the copper tones, Marcus! The young really don’t often care about the weather. Mine are always up for being out and about with their friends. 🙂

  2. While you think it is a mistake, I really like the grainy look of the 6400 ISO image. Sometimes mistakes make for serendipitous results!

  3. Spectacular photographs! So full of life and unforgettable moments!
    I also love so much how you edited them, Marcus!

  4. Good captures. I love street photography – when I’m feeling brave enough to sneak a shot or two! Appreciate the tips and the links. Will stow them away for future reference. 🙂

  5. The preset, and whatever else you did, works well with these images, they look great. Since I rarely photograph fast-moving things like birds, I tend to stay with A priority, and I confess, I leave the ISO on auto and that has worked well. But it’s true, switch over to S priority or change the ISO or exposure compensation, and you’re bound to take at least a few pictures with the wrong settings next time. Very human! 😉

  6. I think the shots, even the 6400 ISO picture, turned out great! Dramatic even. I have not gone higher than 500 I think. I’m afraid nothing’s gonna turn out good. How do they look without editing? I never know how to use to presets and editing, though 🙂

    1. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! For street photographs the noise does not hurt. For landscape it would have been a disaster. All modern cams can easily up to ISO 1600, some to 3200 without a big problem. In post processing you can eliminate the noise. You should give it a try! There is so much to improve on nearly every image, even cell phone shots! There are also good freeware editing programs out there, like GIMP for example. Marcus

      1. The warmth in these photographs in both your choice of editing and the youngsters themselves shines through Marcus . Really lovely !
        Yes .. the re-re checking of settings … oh glory be the number of shots I’ve messed up on account of NOT doing that 😉

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