Hello from Tallinn

The “Streets of Nuremberg” are visiting the Estonian Capital Tallinn. A beautiful city full of history and creativity. Where now, during the “white nights”, it never gets fully dark, and the sun is below the horizon from only 10:36 pm until 4:05 am. I took the title image of Tallinn’s famous medieval towers shortly after midnight. Crazy , isn’t it?

So Tallinn hardly sleeps during the summer nights, and so ain’t we. The Significant Other and I are in town for four days and time is much to precious to spend it in front of a laptop (so please bear with me not posting, commenting or replying to comments). We’re rather out all day exploring the city and its surroundings, and there is plenty opportunity for photography! Will show you more once I get home.

Have a great week!


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  1. My own family came from Lithuania and our neighbours come from Latvia. But I have never met anyone from Estonia. Do you think the Estonian capital city, Tallinn, is beautiful enough to deserve a trip in its own right?

    1. There is no doubt Tallinn merits a 5 day trip on its own. It is a fascinating city. I still need to do a few post from our trip, then you will see! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Marcus

  2. Wow!! I had not heard of “white nights”. That’s amazing! Wonderful captures Marcus!! Enjoy your time in Tallin!!

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