Photographer kneeling in front of Entrance Gates
1/60sec – f/4 – ISO800 – 28mm

“Isolation is not good for me” – remember the line from the 1995 song “Lemon Tree” by the band “Fool’s Garden”? Well, despite the loosening up of the Covid-19 restrictions everywhere, we are still far from life as we knew it from before Corona.

I haven’t been in downtown Nuremberg for almost three months now. Despite being only twenty minutes away. All we really need we can get out here in the suburbs. The shops in town are all open, but it seems people are still hesitant venturing into the city. Not that it is fun going shopping with the mask on.

So the two images in this post, which I took during instawalks last year at the Nuremberg Convention Center and in the subway downtown, are still kind of symbolic of the situation these days. Isolation. Also photographically.

Fisheye view of Plärrer Subway Station in Nuremberg
1/10 sec – f/4 – ISO 640 – 7.5mm

Photographic activities in a group, like photo walks with the Nuremberg Instagramers, are still prohibited. But at least the borders will be opening up on the weekend. And while Big Boy will hold the fort at home, The Significant Other and I will head to the mountains for ten days, staying in a friends house over in Austria. After more than three quite intense months working form home, we are so much looking forward to finally get out into nature and see something else. For me, to finally have the opportunity to get a camera back into my hand.

And hopefully, by the time we come back, things will have even more normalized and it will be fun again to walk the Streets of Nuremberg.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. Enjoy your trip, Marcus! My husband and I are hoping to spend some time at the beach at the beginning of next month.

    1. We did Amy, returning today! We had an awesome time in the mountains, and by nature of it, properly socially distanced as well. Post are coming up! Enjoy the time at the beach with your hubby (no more kids along??) and stay safe! Marcus

  2. Enjoy your trip. Uk is still in lockdown, and it needs to be, even though shops are starting to open. I’m staying put and haven’t made it into town for 3 months. Stay safe.

  3. Great Pictures and i can relate to the thoughts behind. Coming from Denmark, our holliday plans are now Germany, can only go to Germany, Norway and Iceland 🙂 Looking forward to a change of scene

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, so much appreciated! Germany is not all that bad for vacationing, we do have some nice spots. Although, you never properly discover your own country, I believe! We enjoyed our Austria-instead-Canada vacation so much! Marcus

    1. We enjoyed our Austria-instead-Canada vacation so much! I had a great time with my camera 🙂 Posts are coming up! I hope all is well with you, there is so much bad news coming out of the US these days! Marcus

      1. I bet you enjoyed it, to be away. Thank you for asking Marcus, it is saddening with what’s is going on here since a while. Yet the hope is high, that all of us learn from it , the mistakes from the past und present and hopefully the future will be brighter. Peace to All. Cornelia

  4. Sher and I have made a couple of “no contact” day trips in our RV. We have the luxury of our own (clean) bathroom on board. Enjoy your break in Austria, Marcus. Looking forward to some nice Austria photos in a while! You guys continue to stay safe.

  5. Things are opening up here as well…although different provinces are doing things at different times depending on their own situations. That subway photo is kind of haunting…could be taken during these times! I am sure it will be nice to have a visit in the mountains. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  6. I hope your trip goes well – it sounds wonderful. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been if I hadn’t been able to get outside into the forests and next to the water for the last few months – most of our parks stayed open, they’re only a few minutes away, and they are big, relatively wild places with not too many people. Have a great time!

  7. Things opened up here in Florida, and the numbers are spiking. I travel nowhere without the mask, but with summer on the way, I cannot wait to rip if off as soon as I exit the store. Take care, Marcus.

  8. Things are opening up more in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we’ve been able to get out and drive around, eat at some restaurants, etc. We just took a short trip through the Great Smoky Mountains — lovely to see trees and fields and mountains again. Hang in there. You’ll be out and about soon. And we look forward to your photographs.

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