Accidental X-Ray

X-periments | Nuremberg | 2018

Photographers are similar to children. They wander the world totally open-minded, use the creative tool in their hands to try out new things, finding new and creative ways of capturing light onto their sensor. Digital photography sometimes reminds me of kids using crayons and paper to ban their thoughts and fantasies onto paper. It doesn’t cost much, nobody confines their creative process. There are no limits to the creativity of children. Children love to experiment. And sometimes, they achieve interesting results just by accident.

This is what also happens to photographers. I love to experiment, try out new ways of producing art with my camera. Not necessarily art in the sense of intending to make money with it, but art that I personally find visually pleasing and that makes me go to bed with a content feeling of having achieved something to satisfy my creative aspirations. And sometimes, just like with children, things happen by accident.

I just came out of a department store where I shot shoppers moving up and down escalators with a low shutter speed of 1/15 sec to achieve some motion blur effects. Coming out of the store into bright sunlight I forgot to switch back to P-Mode after shooting with shutter priority. So my shutter speed was still 1/15 sec. Chip in the fact that the whole day I was shooting unintentionally with ISO 3200, I was way above correct exposure of the backlit street scenery that I wanted to capture outside the store in bright daylight. After I took this image of shoppers standing in the sun in front of the reflective storefront windows, I checked the results on my LCD screen, saw it was way overexposed, realized my mistake, dialed in P-Mode and retook the shot, now correctly exposed.

But only later, when downloading the taken photographs to Lightroom Classic CC, I realized that I much more like the x-ray style shot I took completely unintentional and by accident by shooting way overexposed with 1/15 sec @ f/22 and ISO 3200. And which gave me the blueprint to in the future go out and intentionally go after similar effects.

This is what I love so much about photography, the infinite possibilities of endless creativity, be it accidentally or intentionally.

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  1. It’s interesting how we discover new things by “accident”. I forgot to take the ND filter off after some long exposures the other day. Some didn’t turn out, but others made for an interesting view. 🙂

  2. Totally cool and always love when you get a pleasant surprise by accident. Great work as always my dear friend. Can you believe it I’ve been here nearly four weeks?

  3. Love it! Something similar happened to me when my camera got turned into M mode. Unfortunatelly it was at the first wedding I shot and I almost missed the moment of arrival. I got very confused when I looked at my screen. How the hell did I get an almost white pic?! Then I found out. It never occured to me to go out en try to get the same effect. Haha, but you might have inspired me.

  4. I have forgotten to change my ISO back, after doing low light shots in the evening and over exposed some pictures I wish I had captured. This worked out, very interesting. Cheers

  5. Completely agree! And, btw, awesome shot! B&W, which I love, interesting, intriguing. X-ray look indeed! Sometimes ‘mistakes’ are the best things that can happen to us 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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