Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Sleeping Mr. Price
Sleeping Mr. Price | Tanzania | 2016

I have to say I missed the WPC Weekly Photo Challenges during my vacation. The current one with the theme “waiting” really is an easy one to meet with Street Photography images. Subways, airport bars and waiting areas near the gates as well as bus stops are great places to capture the “waiting moments”. Continue after the jump to see some more photographs of waiting people….

Green Day
Green Day | Amsterdam | 2017


Schiphol Street Photography
The Waiting Game | Amsterdam | 2017


Tokyo Asakusa Street Life
Sitting in the Subway | Tokyo | 2017


Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I love the photo of the bus stop in Tanzania. My bus stop, here in London, is probably a little colder!

  2. Lol Marcus, the first photo says it all, the different between men and women. For women, waiting its a time to chat, for men a time to sleep lol, love it, Lynne 🙂

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