Big Business

Big Business
Big Business | Cavo | 2016

Another image from my recent vacation on the Italian island of Elba, taken in the village of Cavo at the north tip. I just loved the passion of this big dude, doing is utmost to sell some jewelry to this group of elderly local beachcombers. I think they enjoyed the negotiations as much as he did, at least everybody seemed to have fun.

The beach of fine light pebbles was beautiful, the water crystal clear. Not many tourist there, mainly locals, as this group of Italian grandmas enjoying their late afternoon together with some of their grandchildren.

And I enjoyed some street photography while lying lazy on the beach. How ’bout that for a change?

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  1. Selbst wenn Du nicht geschrieben hättest wo Du dieses Foto aufgenommen hast, ich hätte auf Italien getippt. Schon witzig was wir alles im Kopf mit nem Land oder einer Kultur verbinden 😉 Schöne Aufnahme!

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