StoNur on the Road – Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo |  1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 400 and 12mm focal length

When the “Streets of Nuremberg” visited the Streets of Tokyo a week ago, I finished a long day of sightseeing in Shibuya,  one of the prime shopping zones of Tokyo, enjoying high popularity especially among young people.  There are several famous fashion department stores in the zone around Shibuya Station, like well known Shibuya 109. Brightly lit up after dark, Shibuya is the “Times Square” of Tokyo. For more photos of this exiting place as well as a short time lapse video (must see) continue after the jump….

Shibuya is famous for its scramble pedestrian crossing. It is located in front of the Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station and stops vehicles in all directions at once to allow pedestrians to inundate the entire intersection. One of the best observation places is the Starbucks store overlooking the crossing, one of the busiest in the world. But getting in line to grab a coffee, go upstairs and watch the happenings on the crossing is a must see on any Tokyo visit. From here I took the photos from above the crossing as well as the time lapse video you can watch by clicking the embedded youtube video that I took with my iPhone.

Observing the happenings down on the crossing was something I could have done for hours.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo at Night
Starbucks “Observation Point” | 1/600 sec @ f/2, ISO 640 and 12mm focal length
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo at Night
 1/60sec @ f/2, ISO 500, 12mm focal length

Shibuya Crossing has been featured in movies which take place in Tokyo, such as Lost in Translation, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and Resident Evil: Afterlife . Popular during the day, it really explodes with life at night, with shoppers, tourists and all kind of “crazy” performers. A fun place to enjoy and explore.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo
1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 200, 12mm focal length
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo
1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 800, 12mm focal length
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo at Night
1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 640, 12mm focal length
Late Night Com
1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 500, 12mm focal length
Late Night Shopping
1/100 sec @ f/2.5, ISO 200, 12mm focal length
Shibuya Crossing Tokyo
1/60 sec @ f/2, ISO 500, 12mm focal length

All photos were taken with my Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 12mm F/2 prime lens. This is a great piece of glass for this kind of situations, with a very wide angle and letting in a lot of light. I set the cam to 1/60 sec shutter speed and f/2 aperture, knowing this great lens would still give me sharpness across the image even shooting wide open. Auto ISO pretty much handled the rest. The RAW files where all processed in Lightroom CC.

I hope you enjoyed that small trip to Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing and its abundant nightlife, that I visited  during my recent business trip around the word in twelve days.

Have a good week!


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  1. wonderful! Brings back great memories (I lived in Tokyo and Shibuya was my absolute favorite areas to go to!). So it’s great to see your pictures capturing today’s buzzing life there.

  2. Absolutely amazing. I’ve watched it a few times now. Thankyou for sharing it with us. I’m going to look online at your camera. I’d like to know more about it.

      1. Thankyou. I’ve had a look at a few reviews and the camera is really impressive. Would you say that it’s suited better than a dslr for travel? (That seems to be it’s main advantage from the reviews). I haven’t noticed noise in your photos, however the reviews say it’s not good with medium to high iso. What’s your opinion?
        I love your photography so it appears to me to be very impressive and with high quality glass.

      2. Well, I ditched my Nikon APS-C gear (I used a D7000 at the time) for the Olympus mirrorless system. Travelling is so much more fun, as despite carrying a few lenses with me the load is so much lighter and takes much less space. This is valid not only for the PEN-F but also for the larger E-M1 with the battery grip attached.

        Image quality of my m43 Olympus sensors in both the PEN-F and the E-M1 is on par or better as my old Nikon APS-C. I can’t compare to full frame DSLR as I never owned one. Olympus also makes really great lenses, and this is a crucial factor to obtain great IQ in any system.

        Honestly, noise for me is a non-issue with my Oly cameras. Image stabilization is sublime, and combined with the fast lenses I can handheld 1/6 sec in a night city environment easily and still get sharp results. That said, I hardly have the need to exceed ISO 1600, and everything up to ISO 1600 is no problem for IQ. Even though I postprocess all my images (need to as I shoot RAW only) I hardly make use of Lightroom’s noise reduction feature.

        Hope this helps!

      3. That helps a lot Marcus. I’m not in the market for a new camera today but it is something in the pipeline, hopefully before the end of the year.
        I have an ongoing series on homelessness and I get anxious doing street photography with a large camera d7100 with 18-270 lense. The lads I photo are fine and are happy to be involved. But I never know who’s behind, so a smaller camera would be preferable. I appreciate your feedback.

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