Let it Snow !

Let it snow
Let it Snow | Munich | 2016

I’m sitting in Texas right now on a quick business two day in-and-out trip but no real photo opportunities, not even at the airport. This one is from the archives (well not really, I took it last week in Munich), but I thought I do a quick post to welcome December, the 12th month of this blog 🙂 . And seriously, I’m ready for some real snow, although as a frequent traveller, I should rather be careful what I wish for.

The photo was taken with the Ricoh GR II at 1/60 sec F/3.2 and ISO1600 at the Promenadeplatz in Munich.  I’m finding that lately I’m drawn more to color street photos but I guess that comes with the season. And seriously, there is no sane reason to convert a blue hour photo to black & white!!

Have a great December!


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      1. For some reason I’m having trouble posting a reply but it looks like you got it. So there might be another one coming lol for an extra safe trip home. 😉

      2. Thanks, reply arrived just fine. I’m safely back im Frankenland, but just for the weekend, flying back to the US on Monday where I’ll spend the week on Long Island. Crazy times….have a great weekend!

  1. Wenn Sie in Colorado Springs überhaupt sind, lassen Sie mich benachrichtigen. Bringen Sie Ihre Kamera! Meine deutsch ist schlecht, aber die Landschaft hier ist sehr gut für Fotografen!

  2. Ach wie cool, da stand ich letztes Jahr, genau an der Stelle… Schon beeindruckend was die Dinger an Stimmung erzeugen! Hat mir damals sehr gefallen, danke für den “flashback” 😉

  3. Hello, thank you for stopping by my site. I like your photo-philosophy. I see you are already in the mood of the festivities. Well, I wish you a great holidays season!!

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