Instant Inspiration (5) – Puddle Shooting


Following up my last post “Rainy Streets” I’m presenting Episode 5 of my popular Instant Inspirations. Don’t use the dull and wet November weather as excuse to not go out shooting. On the contrary, this weather provides for great opportunities to bring new creativity to your photography –  go out and shoot puddles! To find out how and see more examples, continue reading after the jump….

Point your camera  downwards where it is wet and shiny. Find yourself some puddles, look at them from different angles, go down low or take a high vantage point and see what you can “see” in them. They might be full of surprises. Look for the unusual, the abstract.


You can start with a more conventional approach, as you can see from the two examples below.



A more unusual but a very creative approach is taking a shot with the intention of later flipping the image vertically in post processing. See the following examples of  “flipped” photo  and the original images out of cam.

The fresh angle of seemingly “upright” objects within a strange surrounding can give your photographs a fresh and creative look.

As reflections in a puddle by their nature lose texture, tonality, clarity and color it is essential you bring back those things in post processing. I always start with the white balance first to warm up the images a bit. Then I push clarity and contrast to the right to get back some punch. The saturation of colors I adjust selectively via Lightroom’s HSL tool (using its color picker). Finally I play with the graduation curves until the tonality seems right. It’s a bit of trial and error, but hey, you are making “art” 🙂

Below find some more images that I hope to inspire you to try some puddle shooting of your own. All photos by the way were taken with the Ricoh GR II.




And to all of my American friends I wish a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day! With obviously lots of sunshine 🙂 !!!!


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  2. it doesn’t rain where i’m but i will keep an eye for such a shot whenever i’m somewhere where it rains 😀 ironically, i was in Sri Lanka last week and it didn’t stop raining for the whole week i was there! hahahaha

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment 😊🙏! An occasional rain doesn’t hurt, but a whole week when traveling is nasty. Happened to me the last time I was in Seattle….

      1. You are most welcome! I feel I’m getting rusty so checking your posts is kind of encouraging 🙂 It was nasty indeed, I had to cancel a couple of hikes because of the rain 🙁

      2. It’s a beautiful country but don’t go when it’s raining 😀 hahaha!! I was unlucky with the weather that the few rainy days in January gathering in the week I was visiting during 🙁 Thanks, glad you did! Whenever you are planning on going tell me and I will be glad to help. Petra was a dream came true <3

  3. nice shots Marcus. Some people have issues with flipping images vertically, I see nothing wrong with it. Its all about the end result right 🙂

  4. Chapeau!! Einmal mehr! Was ne tolle Serie!! Eigentlich liegt das mit den Pfützen ja auf der Hand, trotzdem muss man das sehen, umsetzen und so festhalten. Wirklich klasse. Eine inspiration und ich geb zu, mich hat es gepackt das auch mal zu versuchen 😉

  5. You are incredibly creative! I love all these pictures very, very much! Thank you for sharing your ideas also. They are great!

      1. And the feeling is very mutual to say the least. Thank you for making my day always a little brighter. Even on rainy days and through puddles 😉

  6. Awesome stuff! Thank you for your great photos, tips and Thanksgiving wishes as well. It’s a beautiful day here in California. No puddles… but soon enough. Have a blessed evening Marcus!

    1. Thanks :-))) Glad you have some sunshine for the holiday. Last weekend when I watched football it was pouring both at the 49ers game as well as in Los Angeles at the Rams game. That’s what I get out of the American Thanksgiving here in Germany, I get to watch NFL football tonight 🙂 ! Thanks for your great feedback, this is what keeps me looking already for new things to share!! Have a great remaining Thanksgiving!

  7. Love it! Some of those images look surreal and it takes a second to realize what you’re looking at. Will have to try it out when the next rain is coming 🙂

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