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Mobile learning | Bangalore | 2013

Today my new Learning Center went online on the “Streets of Nuremberg”. This is how I want to call my one stop resource pool where you can find quick access to all my free tips, tutorials, inspirations and everything else that I want to give back to the community that gave me so much!

The Learning Center is directly accessible from the top menu of this blog, and here you find the links to all relevant posts listed under certain categories like “Street Photography Quick Tips” and “Instant Inspirations”, “Gear and settings” and some more.

The Learning Center will be constantly updated, so check back regularly! Have fun browsing!

I hope you like my latest attempt to enhance your experience with the “Streets of Nuremberg”.

Have a good week!


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Learning Center

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  1. Marcus, this looks like a very helpful site. I want to come and look with more detail on some of your night skyline photography tips. Thanks for putting all of the hard work into this.

    1. Thanks, Tim, your comment means a lot! It is so much fun thinking about new tips and inspirations and sharing them. Wish I had more time for it, work these days is totally crazy…Marcus

      1. Marcus, you’re welcome. It does take a lot of work to put one of these together. May the time you spend flying could be used to develop new helpful items. My challenge is remembering to go to your site. As you’ve said, time a valuable and a bit crazy.

  2. That is so great Marcus!!!! I bookmarked your Learning Center and will go often there! You are a fantastic photographer and you have a lot to share.

    I am very thrilled about your Learning Center!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Marion, your kind words are so much appreciated! Wish I had more time to develop more contents for the Learning Center, but my real life work is totally crazy these days. Marcus

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