Mother’s Day Rose

Mother's Day Rose
Mother’s Day Rose | Nuremberg | 2017

I couldn’t possibly ignore (photographically that is) that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. And so for my Mom and all other Moms out there: This Mother’s Day Rose is for you!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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    1. Other countries, other celebration days 😉 ! Glad you like this series. You know, Elizabeth, you can create artificial puddles by carrying a water bottle and emptying it on a good place on a paved ground. Honestly, people might look funny at you but it works very well!

  1. How lovely Marcus – I wonder if different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times as in the U.K. it takes places in March. Lovely weather here in northern England this weekend, we even ate dinner out on the patio! Marion

    1. Thanks, Marion. I think you right, different countries and different Mother’s Days. In Germany (Austria, Switzerland) as well as in the US it is today. Maybe other countries as well. Glad you have greta weather. We can’t complain either…Marcus

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