Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Apocalyptic Bird

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme “Transient”. Sure I have photos of driftwood, of a poppy bud the moment it pops open. But then I thought that Street Photography is all about capturing transient moments of life. Attempts to preserve a short, fleeting moment of life, with all its stories behind. Each of these situations is fully unique, a snapshot of life that will never happen again, a moment in time as we and the ones we photograph wander through our lives. For my selection of images from transient moments continue after the jump….

Rush Up

Subway Ghost



Magic of the Festive Season


Portland Color Night Steet PhotographyPortland Pearl District

Cuddly Protection

I hope you enjoyed that selection of transient moments in life. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a splendid Thursday!


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  1. What a marvelous take on this challenge! I love the diversity of your photos — they’re a reminder that *every* moment is fleeting. Unless you adhere to the multiverse theory, of course, which is perhaps slightly outside the scope of the challenge. 🙂

  2. I love the photos creating a sense of movement and change, but also love the others that make you feel like you’ve glimpsed a snippet in time. This was a great take on the challenge Marcus! -Amy

  3. Amazing as always and I recognize a few before seen favorites as well as new ones to admire. I tell you over and over how in awe I am of your talent and the vision and stories you bring to your shots. 💙

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