Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

FCN, back again
FCN, back again | Nuremberg | 2018

The current weekly photo challenge (WPC) from Word Press’ “The Daily Post” has the theme “Unlikely“.  I deliberately waited until today to post my image for this week’s challenge, because the unlikely event I was hoping for happened just yesterday. After four years playing in the second German soccer league, our hometown soccer team 1.FC Nürnberg secured promotion to the first league yesterday by a 3:0 away victory in Sandhausen. This is special, as no-one really expected this to happen this year, as last season they barely escaped going down into the third league. And having suffered infinitely in the last years (the last national championship won was 1968), everyone really was reluctant to believe until it really happened.

So to the delight of the faithful fanbase the “Glubb” (affectionate nickname of the team) is back among the best German teams. The whole family watched the game on TV, combining it with a nice barbecue on the summer like day. After dinner my Big Girl headed to the teams location in town to welcome the players returning after a hilarious bus ride (at least according to the instagram videos posted by players) back from the game. 10.000 fans and the players then turned night into day.

My photo is from my last visit to a game a few weeks ago. Next week, after the final home game, will be the big party in the city.

Wish you a great start into the week!


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  1. Well done to Nuremberg on promotion. Isn’t football emotional? Last year I was celebrating Huddersfield Town’s promotion to the premiership, now I’m relieved that they’ve just managed to stay up. Many people thought that was unlikely too.

    1. Thanks, Jill, and yes, football is emotional. I saw that Huddersfield stayed in the Premier League, it made our paper due to the German coach. Have a great weekend! Marcus

  2. Congratulations to the Glubb on their astounding accomplishment! And congratulations to you also on a wonderful photo.

  3. Glückwunsch nach Franken und bitte dann nächste Saison noch dafür sorgen, dass mal jemand anders Deutscher Meister wird, weil das ist auf die Dauer langweilig, dass immer dieselbe Mannschaft gewinnt.

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