Instant Inspiration (23) – Hidden Street Portrait

Flower Power
Flower Power | Nuremberg | 2018 | 1/10 sec @ f/4 – ISO 200

After my rather moody last post it is time for a colorful new edition of my “Instant Inspirations”, something for you to try to overcome photographers block or if you simply want to give your photography a new angle. The 23rd episode is for those of my readers who would like to get more into Street Photography, but are hesitant to shoot obvious street portraits of people or even asking interesting looking subjects to “make” their portrait.

For starts, you can try to shoot people who are engulfed in their every day business, unaware of the photographer aiming the camera at them. Obviously, using a longer lens (or zoom) does help not to get too close. But even with a wide angle lens, the camera up at the eye, you can wander through shops, bars or your local market, looking for interesting scenes, people, gestures, colors, patterns – and press the shutter when something catches your eye and gets your creative juices flowing. Move naturally, shoot, and trust me you will not be noticed.

Bar Work-3
Lost in Thoughts | 2018 | 1/60 sec @ f/5.6 – ISO 320

Try different focal lengths, apertures and shutter speeds. Experiment, shoot with the curiosity of a child. Have fun.

Share your results by posting links in the comments section.

For all other episodes of my “Instant Inspirations” as well as my “Street Photography Quick Tips” head over to my free Learning Center.

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  1. when i read your posts i start to regret that i don’t live in a city :c you are so inspiring, thank you for your work!! ☆

  2. I have jumped over to your blog from Brenda’s way too many times. Why don’t I just follow your blog? Why not, indeed. I shall. Such great advice and, always, amazing photographs.

  3. Excellent shots! One color, one b&w. Love the mood evoked. I agree, I think it’s important to experiment, to try out new things. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement to engage the world with the “curiosity of a child.” Will be back to post a link…

  5. Lost in thoughts is a great image! My street lens of choice is a pancake wide angle on an Olympus em5… The combination is nicely unobtrusive,

      1. Indeed! Did I tell you the EM1 is back now from its trip to the doctor? Yippee!

      2. Well, I certainly hope so, Marcus! I told it that it was lucky….two trios away this year, I’ve only had one!!

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