Street ? Beach !

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack | Oregon | 2017

Who says Street Photography can only be done in the streets? Check out these photos from Manzanita Beach at the Oregon coast that I took during my coastal road trip last weekend.

Obviously, beach life in Oregon is quite different from beach life in SoCal or Florida, even in August. The northern Pacific has no more than 13 degrees celsius, so swimming is more a challenge than a refreshment, even on a nice August day.

I had the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 40-150mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom with me while I sat in the warm sand and observe the beach life around my.

Remember to dial in a bit of positive exposure compensation. The bright light and white sand tends to suggest the meter in your camera there is too much light in a beach environment, leading to underexposed photos.

For a few more images of Oregon beach photography continue after the jump….

Incomplete | Oregon | 2017


Beachcomm | Oregon | 2017


Junior Pilot
Junior Pilot | Oregon | 2017


Beach Life Triangle
Beach Life Triangle | Oregon | 2017


Book with a view
Book with a view | Oregon | 2017

Where swimming is all but impossible, other activities like reading, kite flying and playing ball are local summer favorite beach activities. And obviously checking the omnipresent cellphone.

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  1. What beautiful images! And what a great observation too that street photography doesn’t require a “street” — just real people and authentic moments like the ones you captured. Nicely done!

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