Not always “on”

Social Media | Berlin | 2018 | 1/40 sec - f/2 - ISO 2000 - 12mm
Messaging | Berlin | 2018 | 1/40 sec – f/2 – ISO 2000 – 12mm

Most of us photographers don’t only shoot solely for our own archives, but share our work on our blogs and social media accounts (Instagram, 500px, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter). To find recognition, collect likes and comments.  And who doesn’t like to receive positive feedback?

But it shouldn’t turn into an obsession. I’m picking up my camera because I want to create art. If I shoot an image that visually pleases me, I’m totally happy. And if some of you like it as well, after I post in on my blog, that’s even better. My blog posts are automatically posted on my facebook pages, but I have to admit I rather infrequently check my facebook, be it my feed or comments/notifications. Flickr I hardly use anymore, on 500px I’m practically a no-show.

On Instagram I have two accounts  – Travimago for my travel images, streetsofnuremberg for the street photography. I have days where I post regularly on Instagram, followed by weeks where I am not active. Probably that shows in my followers there, only about 100 and 200 respectively. It spikes a bit when I post, then drops again to that level. I don’t see Instagram as an outlet that brings much benefits for me, also because I like to share some info with my photography, that I can do only in a limited way on this platform. And that probably no-one reads anyway, as Instagram is a swipe and like only medium. So as I’m not on a hunt for  likes and followers, I feel there is no real need to invest much time on my Instagram accounts. I mainly use it as a picture archive that I have on my phone where I can quickly show particular images to other people I talk to face to face about my photography.

So my main outlet is this blog, that requires already much of my time, preparing posts and photographs, writing, answering comments and browse to my feed from the many blogs I follow myself. Generally, the interaction through blogging beats anything I find on other social media channels.

As I mainly restrict myself to blogging, I’m not constantly “on” to check all social media channels, checking my likes and count my followers. Instead I use the time to pick up my camera and create art which is much more gratifying.

The above image was taken with my Olympus PEN-F with the mZuiko 12mm F/2. Images specs are 1/40 sec @ f/2 and ISO 2000.

If you look for tips and inspirations around photography and want to use the weekend to pick up your camera, check out my Learning Center.

Wish you a great weekend!


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  1. I like your view Marcus. I mostly agree about IG. It has been very useful in finding local photographers (now very good friends), connect with people all over the world (so well that I feel I can visit some of them) and most importantly, encourage people in their pursuit of photography, especially those who are serious. IG has many faults, but I do see it as a place with positives and focus on those. Glad to have found and followed you here!

    1. Thanks, Josh, I so much appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this. And I’m grateful to have connected with you! I need to explore your beautiful photographs! Wish you a great Sunday! Marcus

  2. Instagram was the first place that I began sharing my photography publicly. Then I started the blog, although the blog is an outlet for many things with photography being a large component. I have other social media accounts​ but found that I don’t enjoy them and even IG I spend much less time on, but I feel invested in those photographers that I’ve formed ​a community with over my time there. I really enjoy your photos and all the tips that you off here on the blog. 🙂

  3. I realised that people who comment genuinely on IG are my blogging friends and a couple of more regular friends. Otherwise, people are not much-bothered apart from liking. Also, somehow unless you don’t tinker with your images heavily- deeply saturated and contrasty pictures, you have no chance of getting many likes. I realised that I’m more into photography rather than creating an “art-piece” so I post what I like. if people like it fine. It is impossible to channelise your energies into ten places, as you also expressed!

  4. That was a very interesting post. I am having some problem connecting my Facebook page to my wordpress blog. So when I put together a post on my blog and post it through WordPress, the post does not share the post on my Facebook page. But I have to go to my website and manual post it to my page. Is there a way to fix this.

    1. Hi Suguna, I did set this somewhere in my wordpress site settings when I started my blog. Just did a quick search of the menus, did not find it right away. Maybe it is not there anymore, but it still works, my posts automatically show up on my Streetsofnuremberg Facebook page. Will search more thoroughly when I have some time. Marcus

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head. I do post regularly on flickr and instagram but I totally get what you’re saying that you run a serious danger of making it an obsession while neglecting your craft. There are plenty of fine photographers on insta that I like to look at but using it is like playing a video game where you’re constantly gaming the algorithm to gain more likes and followers. I prefer blogs like yours where you don’t just get the pictures but the thought and the the process behind them too.

  6. I’m glad that there are others who share my views. Social media does scare me a bit. I am rarely on Facebook, and was investing far too much time on Instagram. Blogging seems to be a far better platform for people to learn things and read/see a range of interesting stuff. Great image by the way.

  7. I agree with what you wrote. When I first started sharing my photos, a large part of my doing so was to get likes. But then I realised that it didn’t do me any good to approach photography this way. (Also Flickr is a joke with people using bots to get thousands of likes anyway.) I learnt that every moment I spend obsessing over likes is a moment I’m not using to practise my photography. I’m still working on this, but at least things are on the up and up. Thanks for the post!

  8. In general, blogs are a meal and social media is candy. In a blog, you can share multiple photos and tell a story. Instagram is all about quickly swiping to the next shot.

    Having said that, I like Instagram in a way. Periodically I go and look at my favorite photographers and see what they have posted. I post on I-gram when I remember to do it, and like you don’t have much of a following which is okay.

  9. Great spot and composition.

    Social media has affected how imagery is consumed and peoples perception of what it is for to them, just another way of noting something and moving on to the next thing. Swipe, next, swipe, next etc… Your impression of Instagram seems accurate, I tried it for a week but really couldn’t understand what, if anything, it bought to me or my life so quickly uninstalled.
    My blog is where I communicate with people that have more than 30 seconds of attention span, not interested in those that don’t.

  10. Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing! Interest post, as your posts always are. I do agree! I am active on several social media networks, in particular Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but it is mostly for work and to connect/communicate with others mostly for work (because many people don’t use email anymore…it is what it is, I guess). That said, I don’t always post on social media on a regular basis either. Maybe I should. But I think that sometimes we do need to spend time with our thoughts, plans and creative projects, and to work on those projects, in order to have something to share/post online. Again, interesting post, and thanks again for sharing! Alina

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