As I have stated many times on this blog, one of the most important aspects of my blogging is getting in touch with people from all over this planet. Since starting the “Streets of Nuremberg” nearly three years ago, I have connected with many wonderful people. And with some, even virtual friendships have developed over time. One of them is Rhapsody. Now living in far away Nevada, she has her roots in a small village about an hour by car from Nuremberg. We’ve been talking about meeting each other in real life for quite some time. Now that she came back to Germany to tend to family matters, we finally turned virtual plans into reality. Yesterday I drove out to pick her up and take her to nearby historic town of Schwäbisch Hall, where we did spend a splendid day together, a day full of great talks, photography, sightseeing and enjoying some local beer and food. For the photos of our trip continue after the jump….


The weather was awesome, a crisp but sunny fall day. We started out having coffee on the terrace of a small coffeeshop on the first floor of a historic half timbered house at the banks of the Kocher river, being warmed by a blazing fall sun. Schäbisch Hall was a as a free Imperial City (just as Nuremberg) for more than five centuries until it was annexed by the Kingdom of Württemberg in 1802. Salt was produced nearby by the Celts already more than two thousand years ago, resulting in early fortune, and in the 12th century emperor Frederick I Barbarossa founded an imperial mint in the city, and Schwäbisch Hall became a rich merchant town. Many splendid historic buildings have been built over the centuries and remain to this day, as the town has suffered little damage during the World Wars.


After our coffee we climbed up to the market square with the magnificant St. Michaels church, a roman basicilca founded in the 12th century, and turned into a gothic church in the 15th century. From the church portal a magnificent stairway (built 1507) leads down to the market square surrounded by rich merchant houses.










After touring the magnificent interior of the church, we climbed up the bell tower (see photo below) that provided for great views of the historic city below.



Through the narrow alleys we descended back down to the river and visited the Museum of Modern Art on the other side. This is the gallery where me and the Significant Other visited just a few weeks ago and where I shot street photography on a rainy Sunday. And also this time I took a few photos, among which another selfie of the two bloggers 🙂




As the evening neared we went back to the other side to finish the day with a nice dinner in a historic guest house in the old town.


I truly enjoyed the day together with Rhapsody. She is an even more wonderful person than the one I virtually knew from following eachothers blogs (if you haven’t checked out her blog, do so here). I totally admire her strength and determination with which she cares for her ailing mom, and she has my utmost respect. We share many common interest and values and despite seeing each other for the first time face to face, it was a day full of great talks and great company. It means so much for me turning virtual friendship into a real one, and we know we will meet again. Thanks, Rhapsody, for this wonderful day, that I will remember forever.

Wish you all a great Sunday!


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    1. I was blessed to finally have had the opportunity to meet Rhapsody face to face. Connecting with likeminded people from across the globe is what drives my blogging. The love for photography and travel is a universal language. Thanks for the follow and the visits, so much appreciated! Wish you and your loved ones a great 2019 full of love and laughters! Marcus

  1. How wonderful that you were able to connect. The town looks lovely and you’ve managed to capture some magnificent photo Marcus.

  2. Wow, what a fab opportunity to get to know a fellow blogger. And it looks like you both had a wonderful day. I definitely want to revisit Germany, it’s a beautiful country.

  3. Stunning pictures. Connecting with a blogger face to face is always a great opportunity to know him or her better!

  4. What a wonderful adventure — how fortunate you both were to meet! And MY GOD, MARCUS, YOUR PHOTOS. You blow me away, sir. Respekt.

  5. Oh, this is a beautiful story accompanied with stunning photographs. It is such a privilege these days to find like-minded people scattered all over the world through the internet. How wonderful that such virtual friendships then turn into real ones.

  6. Reblogged this on Rhapsody Bohème and commented:
    This still feels surreal and I had an amazing day with Marcus from Streets of Nuremberg yesterday. It was my first ever blogger meeting and I’m sure it won’t be the last. WordPress has enabled some wonderful friendships to form such as this one and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.
    Here is Marcus’s post and recap of our day and mine will soon follow. If you have never been to his blog, please stop by and be amazed. Thank you again for a magical day and these beautiful photos. Each one has even more meaning now, as I was right there when they were created. Beautiful work as always my friend.

  7. A lovely post Marcus and so nice to meet up with another blogger. I have now met three who have all been so nice and we have done such interesting things together -a lawyer in NYC, a Finnish blogger in Helsinki (who I then met the following summer too) and more recently a railway enthusiast in London. One day hopefully our paths will cross, too somewhere but of course it’s good to be virtual friends! Marion

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Marion. So you know how nice it is to turn virtual friendship into real one. I’m sure our paths will cross one day as well 🙂 ! Have an awesome week! Marcus

  8. Awe what a wonderful post (you beat me to it and mine will follow) and what a beautiful day. I will not soon forget it and it was an amazing day. Exactly what I needed and I’m forever grateful. Thank you so
    much my friend.

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